Somewhere Past Nashville

A beautiful morning

Just another day

Twenty miles from nowhere

Crowded streets of mind

Familiar truth resounded

Green rolling meadows

Horses chased shadows

Sweet tea, lemonade

Trees, lots of shade

There my heart ran free

Looked for redemption

Forgiveness never came

Journey never ended

Why did it always rain?

Somewhere past Nashville


Natures palette

Harvest moon

Brilliant reds, fiery orange

Sunsets, sunrises

Changing leaves

Fresh picked apples

Goldenrod, Mums, Sunflowers

Fall bounties, pumpkins, squash

Animals scurry busily about

Warm days, crisp cool nights

Bonfires, hayrides

Football, cheerleaders

Homecoming, kings and queens

In between, comes Halloween

Holidays will be here soon

Fall is my favorite season of all!