meramec 2

Jesse James’
Secret hideout
Meramec Caverns
Revealed for
All to see
Along Route 66

see rock city

See Beautiful
Rock City
Ruby Falls
See Seven States
From Lookout Mountain
Near Chattanooga, Tennessee

purina feeds

Ralston Purina’s
Finest feeds from
Checkerboard Square
St. Louis, Missouri

mail pouch tobaccoTreat Yourself
To The Best
Forget about
All The Rest
Mail Pouch Tobacco







fish house
Funky, junky
Local landmark
Modest, fish house
At mailbox, marked
As, number fifteen
Fish house birdhouse
Rested on bench nearby
A treated fencepost
Leaned against weathered
Board and batten
With, just
Hints, of paint
Longed to be
Part of a fence
Somewhere, someday

Two fish house cats
Familiar faces
Roamed freely
Near, the broken light
That glared over
The fish house door
Promised, more
To see, inside
Among buckets
Bricks and brackets
Plastic pails, pallets
Ladders, to reach things
In, hard-to-reach
Fish house places

Palms & Old Bricks

palm & old bricksStorm-battered
Mismatched bricks
Didn’t matter much
No one cared
About the past
Whether emotions
Flared, when
Suddenly, friends
Became enemies
If violence ensued?
Had lives been lost?

A neighborhood
Landmark, from
The past, perhaps
A buggy shop?
Grocery store?
Place to get
Ice cream
Refreshing drinks?

Maybe, a
Secret password
Whispered at
Wooden side door?
Or, just another
Blue highway
Stop, en route
To the beach?

Customers flocked
To flashier environs
Closer to suburbia
Last reincarnation
Failed, property
Changed hands
For the final time

Demand softened
Like worn out
Old bricks
Another vacant
Eyesore, in the
Waterfront district
Waited for demolition