A Mistake?

How could this random collection of thumps, whacks, scrapes, be best described? A flock of demented woodpeckers? An army platoon marching out-of-step? Movie stunt training school? A group of clumsy clog dancers? A basement under a bowling alley?

Staying home today may have been a mistake. A group of roofers are working on my house. With the cacophony, It’s difficult to concentrate on anything. The last time roofers worked for me was at a different location–and, I worked during the day.

Satellite television just went out–as I expected. Daytime TV was a wasteland anyway. My dog barked as the strangers descended on our home at seven this morning. He’s calmed down since. Someone could come crashing through what’s left of my roof at any moment.  I may be insane before this is over.

Some Solitude?

There are so many things to interrupt one’s solitude. Where was that horrible repeating little ditty coming from? From a smart phone, of course.

Smart phones weren’t the only sources of unwanted noise. There were plenty of others. Loud thumping bass kickers, from the house around the corner.

Noise pollution is everywhere these days. TV commercial soundtracks are louder than those on regular programming.

Where can a person find solitude these days? Perhaps in the deep Arctic–or on Mars?