streetcarPassengers, sat quietly
Enjoyed breezes wafting
Through open windows
Scents from gardens
Majestic courtyards
Bakeries, bistros

Ancient wooden
Beasts of burden
Accepted, for what
They were, destination
Not, as important
As, enjoying the ride

Creaked and groaned
For a new generation
As in, decades before
To the waterfront
Along tree-lined
Boulevards, and
Wrought iron fences

Dark Waters

NO riverfrontSuspended white
Twin bridge
Lights, reflected
In dark waters
That flowed past
The Crescent City

Air was cool
But, not cold
Moody Mississippi
Like the city
Placated, as
Waves gently
Kissed the levee

Horse drawn
Buggies plied the
Cobblestone streets
Sounds of late
Night revellers
Blurred in
The night

Excursion cruise
Launched to
The accompaniment
Of, brash
Tugboat warning
Freight train
Rumbled, unnoticed
On tracks, that
Paralleled the river

Blue lights
Flashed in the
Distance, on shore
Because, the
Big Easy
Was never
Calm, at night