From the Clutter Of a Disheveled Mind

I missed the era when euphemisms, metaphors, and, even, mixed metaphors proliferated.  It took creativity to come up with some of them–blind hogs, acorns; horses led to water; the art of catching flies with honey, instead of vinegar.  People talked around things instead of going straight for the jugular.

It was a dreamlike state–watching silent movies with captions.  For some odd reason–I knew when it would rain.  What to do when people ran out of crutches to lean on?  What would bowling on the moon be like?

You would be surprised to learn–as I was.  Prognosis, everyone was waiting for payday–it was only Wednesday.  The diagnosis was hypnosis.  What was that out the window?  It was a fog bow.  And, you didn’t know?  Open another box of “try not to act surprised.”

L’Enfants Terrible

circus sideshowUniverse crumbled
Emotional infants
Lashed out in pain
Threw tantrums
With ear-splitting screams

From cribs and playpens
Spit up, threw toys
Sprayed bullets of abuse
Played, patty-caked
Demanded to be amused

Clapped in mock adulation
Old people with walkers
Obese men on tightropes
Paparazzi and stalkers
With finest, pretend smiles

Safety net disappeared
Shocked the unprepared
All paid, few short-changed
Shared sickness, suffered alone
Committed suicide, slowly by phone


"Be Smart Act Dumb" - NARA - 514912

Taken by complete surprise
Minds closed after hours
Colonized Mars
Electric bumper cars
Amusement park stars
Lunar landfills
Dreadful silence
Stifled thrills
Squelched laughter
Nobody said
What happened after


Wrong or right
Day became night
Night became day
Became very clear
Power plays, replays
Apocalypse was near
Strange cyber reality
Nerd and geek legacy
Controlled lives
Were never free


No way to live
Thoughts, held captive
In mass confusion
Truth was shattered
Was it only illusion?
Tell me why again
If, it really mattered
Maybe, we were
Never really here?

Essence d’un Cauchemar

What was the price for fun?

In my underwear, faced the wind

Tin horns, drums, kazoo bands

Kings, Queens, throngs of people

Noisy, glittery, paper mache thrones

Cops and robbers, judges and juries

Kept a low profile, I was just on loan


Spews of cliché ridden drivel and dreck

Written words, no premise or promise

Guilty, convicted, I’d been warned

My partner in crime was still at large

I kept quiet, thoughts locked away

Hidden under a table, stifled a sneeze

Relieved, though my cause was lost


There was nothing to keep me there

Alone in a jail that had no bars

The future was an expandable form!

I could do better, I begged to differ!

 Artistic direction, voices barely understood

Victimless crimes, didn’t cause any harm

Glory! Hallelujah! The band marched on



It’s too loud

Nature of the beast

No one in, no one out!

What it’s worth

More than I can pay

That’s not how I feel

Throw out the old

Bring in the new

Keep what you find

Cross at the light

There’s no originality

Don’t pick up that penny!

Keep the pump primed

Flights of fancy

Soar higher and higher

That’s not real

Stay out-of-the-way!

There’s no escape

Exploring inner space



If I only had what I wanted

What did I want? I didn’t know

If I knew, I wouldn’t tell you

Arrows, directions, prismatic dreams

Remarkable vagueness, familiar themes

Glass castles, fancy houses

Mighty winds, prancing horses

Prayed that I might be spared

But I really wasn’t there

That was everything I should know?

I really wasn’t finished, though

Where I’d come from

Was not where you’ve been

What was good for me

Was not good for him

How did I get from here to there?

If I was here, I wasn’t there

If I was there, I wasn’t here

Did anybody have a mirror?

I was beginning to get scared

Things weren’t as they appeared

There was no happily ever after!

She said to me with raucous laughter

With good intention, she also mentioned

Good advice, never take advice

From talking somnambulists

And, of course, pantomime horses!