Perhaps, predicable and boring?
Not much to say
Don’t care about fashion trends
For us–pop culture’s a dead end
Some of us like it that way

Amused by simple things
Like kittens on piano keys
Tiny, chubby baby knees
If we’re sometimes somber
It’s because we remember
The long road home–burdened
With the weight of those
That fell along the way

We cared about our country
We cared about you
Please accept this humble tome
While on the road, or at home
Think about this special day


A Memorial Day salute to those that served–and to those that currently serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.
We did our duty when called upon.

In my own experience–it wasn’t always without complaint. Truth shouldn’t be embellished, hidden, or ignored. War is playing for keeps. There are lasting scars–not all of them visible.

In humble remembrance, these mementos are of veteran family members from WWII and the Vietnam era.

dad's cousin
Dad’s cousin, MIA after the Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. The Indianapolis delivered components for the atomic bombs that struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

dad wwii
My Dad with his “Deuce and a half” WWII truck on maneuvers in the California desert. If you look closely, there’s a lizard on the truck’s fender. Perhaps Dad adopted a new mascot?  Dad served overseas in China, India, and Burma.

uncle wwii
My Uncle Harvey US Navy WWII veteran, served in the Pacific Theater. My mother and Uncle Harvey had a close relationship, since they were the youngest members of the family.

my usaf picture
A picture of yours truly in my USAF uniform. I served during the Vietnam era.  I didn’t do anything special–served in the 322 CSG, Rhein Main AB, Germany.  To those that didn’t get a proper welcome–Welcome Back!