Lost In Space

Where oh where did the post I wrote yesterday evening go? It’s lost, orbiting somewhere in cyberspace.

No doubt, the evil Dr. Smith from “Lost In Space” was involved in its demise.

The post was about technology in cars–how far it has come since annoying seat-belt buzzers; disconnected voices from under the dashboard, that announced “your door was ajar.”

Nobody liked those automatic shoulder harnesses that snugged around one’s neck and shoulders. It was too much like being held hostage.

What if synthesized warning car voices resembled those of mothers, mothers-in-law, or backseat drivers in general?

“You’re lost. You’re going the wrong way, Mister. Stop and ask for directions.”

You’re driving way too fast. There, I told you so. That’s why you have so many speeding tickets.”

“Turn around. I think I left the water on in the bathroom.”

I don’t anyone would check the box for that option–too much like real life.

Automatic emergency braking, blindside monitoring, lane departure warning systems, make backseat driving unnecessary.

Dr. Smith stay away from my car!