Holiday Wrap Up 2017

The same post-Holiday concerns–extra pounds packed on, the long drive home, bad weather.

An hour-long traffic jam due to a horrendous car wreck. How could that BMW have gotten wedged under bridge supports in that manner? Could anyone have survived?

It was quite a contrast in weather conditions, between yesterday morning and today. Yesterday, with snow and ice–four degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of minus seven. Today, cloudy, with drizzle and forty degrees.

Nothing in the house to eat for breakfast. Off, to a nearby comfort food restaurant. Mountains of dirty laundry await.

All-in-all a good Christmas. Everyone in good health and good spirits. The good outweighed the bad.

Yesterday was filled with explanations, exclamations at bad drivers,  and stories that took way too long. Ploys to keep drivers awake on an 800 mile journey.

Lots of Good Wishes!

A non-specific bout of upper respiratory distress has affected both my wife and myself.  The timing could not be worse.  A long journey lies ahead.

I suspect it has a lot to do with extreme changes in weather.  Warm one day and cold the next.  The body hasn’t had a chance to adjust.  I’ve heard spring peepers the last two mornings.

Most people wouldn’t complain about it being 75 at nine on a December morning.  Two-hundred fifty miles north of here, it’s thirty-something degrees.  Icy Upper Midwest winter weather has already delayed the trip.

By the time I return, Christmas will be over for 2016.  Hopefully all will be well by that time.

To everyone that follows my miscellaneous ramblings, have a Merry Christmas–a safe and happy Holiday Season!


“Merry Christmas from Charles Claus, the Christmas heron”–image,

All Things Reconsidered

Coffee’s gone cold

My words, old and stale

Another Saturday

Nothing funny to say

That’s about write

Another long journey lies ahead

Should be used to it by now

Everyday is an unknown journey

From familiar to the unfamiliar

Lives lived, the same dreams, dreamed

Windows opened–air refreshed

All things reconsidered

Save your breath

You might need it later



Somewhere Past Nashville

A beautiful morning

Just another day

Twenty miles from nowhere

Crowded streets of mind

Familiar truth resounded

Green rolling meadows

Horses chased shadows

Sweet tea, lemonade

Trees, lots of shade

There my heart ran free

Looked for redemption

Forgiveness never came

Journey never ended

Why did it always rain?

Somewhere past Nashville