Pretend They’re Not There

Ben Franklins, Lincolns

U. S. Grants–if you were lucky

They were never there when needed

Green, wrinkled paper–free

Plentiful if you imagined their presence

Greed, envy, pride, lust

The rest of the deadly sins

Imaginary fortunes didn’t care

If you pretended they were there




cattle drive

My imagination reigned

A resonant baritone voice

Sang an aria–never missed a note

Conquered mountains, dragons and villains

Starred in an epic love saga–complete with dialogue

“I am but a humble man of the forest

Not worthy of your love”

Cast in a sitcom–as the sometimes nutty

But, always loyal neighbor, best friend

A herd of cowlicks stampeded

Raised dust clouds on the prairie

Visible, only in my bathroom mirror

A leading man, cowboy hero

Came to the rescue–tamed the madness



dust devil

Not just any whirlwind will do

The big ones can be mean and ornery

Find a small, happy, whirlwind

Snaking carefree across an open field

Then stand in the middle

Close your eyes good and tight

Because, they’re made of dust–you know

Make a wish–if you’re lucky

The whirlwind will disappear

That’s the way to unwind a whirlwind