Tripping the Light Fantastic

Went on my monthly visit to the local warehouse, food and domestic supplies store.

The whole process from arrival to departure took only one hour. Not that I’m complaining–just that it was very unusual.

Traffic lights, for the most part were green, instead of the usual red. The Holiday season isn’t that far off.

That’s when people should be jolly, but, instead will be at their worst. No wonder more-and-more people do their shopping on-line.

Maybe the rest of my weekend will be just as enjoyable?

Another Saturday Night

Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting. Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody. There are a lot more songs about Saturday.

Except it’s still Friday, at this writing. No use lamenting Saturday in advance.

I have to save my strength for tomorrow’s monthly trip to the warehouse discount store. If nothing else, it affords ample opportunities for people watching and group dynamics.

There may indeed be some sad Saturday night sentimentality, after a few dozen trips up and down the aisles, then waiting in long checkout lines.

All About the L-A-F

It’s time to shake things up a bit.  Hope everyone has had their morning cup of java.  This is shaping up to be a beautiful Saturday.

Beautiful, if it weren’t for a scheduled safari to a no-frills, membership warehouse store.  Where bargains are to be had–if you’re persistent, and don’t mind buying in bulk.

Such trips are moderately annoying.  Moderately annoying, because opportunities for people watching, are only secondary, to people watching at the airport.

Finding convenient parking spaces, in the warehouse’s giant parking lot, can be frustrating.  Maneuvering giant shopping carts around gawkers, talkers, lingerers, is a thrill ride.  Check out lines can stretch from here to infinity.

Free food samples are a plus.  That is, if it’s something you have a taste for.  Spam and mango chutney, would not be my first choice.  I learned my lesson long ago, when I remarked–“Look Dear, they have twenty kinds of beef jerky.”  She gave me the evil eye, walked away, and said nothing.  Apparently, she didn’t share my enthusiasm for beef jerky.

What is the L-A-F?  L-A-F, is the Least Annoyance Factor.  L-A-F applies to everything in life.  Call it “laugh” if you are so inclined.  I use “laugh” a lot.  Please, use “laugh” as it was meant to be used–because, if you don’t, that would be annoying.


Taipei Arcade Games
Taipei Arcade Games (Photo credit: Michael Kwan (Freelancer))

In through the out-door

Went against the flow

Kaleidoscope of people

Some casual and carefree

Strangers, I didn’t know

Runaway shopping carts

Cacophonic arcade games

A stew of sound and scent

Rode up the escalator

Felt really down

Wives with their husbands

That weren’t really there

Some rested on benches

Part of the walking dead

Special sale, today only!

Finest imported lucite

Genuine imitation quartz

Too much chrome and glassness

Hidden among mockery and crassness

Real men didn’t do kitsch

Descended to Dante’s level three

Curtains, pillow shams, duvets

A mother bear cuffed her cubs

We’re leaving now, she said!

Could only look with wonder, ’cause

Sometimes mothers ate their young

Peered through the bars

Just another day in exile