Ten Year’s Later

I’m retired. Don’t work for anyone else–except myself. I’m a harder taskmaster, than any of my past bosses. I’m never completely satisfied.

What does the next decade have in store? Who knows? Some generalizations about the future. Fifteen years ago, I moved to the Gulf Coast, to escape cold Northern winters.

Family and friends left behind, twelve hours away by car. The trip gets more difficult as time goes on. Rumor has it there may be a relocation in the future.  A compromise to be closer to friends and relatives. Endure colder winters, escape tropical storms, higher wind insurance expenses.

On New Years Eve day I spent the morning at the car repair shop.  While away for the Holidays, my car developed braking problems.  Problems manifested themselves while descending a 6% mountain grade.

The repair shop service advisor was efficient and personable.  She mentioned, “She was picking out an outfit to ring in the New Year at home, as a couch potato.” “That’s about my speed,” I replied.  My spouse and I traditionally go out for Chinese cuisine, than celebrate at home.


Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind

I was gone two-weeks over the Holidays. Longer, than intended to be.

My brother-in-law’s memorial service, was dignified and simple. Just a small group of relatives, friends, and acquaintances attended.

Anyone that wished to speak, was welcomed. Mostly, there were quiet conversations scattered about the reception area. Without being morose, that’s the way I’d like to be remembered.

Greeted with warm, moist weather upon my return. That was, after eleven hours of travel in consistent rain and wind.

For myself, I’m wishing for a year without as many extreme emotional ups and downs. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!