“Three Strikes, You’re Out!” Yelled the Vampire

The world hadn’t ended. It was annual health check-up blood test day. A necessary evil, coincidentally, today is Halloween day.

If the lab technician came out as a vampire, I would freak. Or, what if, even worse–since the World Series was in full swing, she came out as an umpire with vampire fangs?

It could happen if the store had been out of vampire costumes.  And she–the lab tech, substituted an umpire’s uniform, because it was the right color.  Vampire fangs were everywhere, so the two were combined.

Well, that didn’t happen.  Everything at the clinic this morning went well.  There weren’t any vampires or umpires.  My lab tech came to work disguised as a mouse.  She got what she wanted–my blood, with minimal discomfort on my part.

There was someone disguised as one of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.  With a nearby stack of bananas.  None was shared–not that I knew about.  That was the weirdest thing that happened.





I screamed, as farther I fell
Tripped up by wide-legged
Bell bottom disco pants
Past I Love Lucy, Lassie
Leave it to Beaver
Jed Clampett, and
The Brady Bunch

From somewhere inside a
Tangled forest of teased, Peg Bundy
Flo from Alice, kiss my grits, hair
Jive talkin’ cool cats
Sporting wide-brimmed
Superfly hats, shouted
About disco fever, stayin’ alive

kiss my grits

There’s no escape, don’t be foolish
Shrieked the most ghoulish of all ghouls
His bony arms, claw-like fingers surrounded
Me tightly–like thorny, brier vine branches
Your chances grow dimmer–only time will tell

You’ve descended into
The Towering Inferno
Disco disaster, sitcom hell
Thank God it wasn’t real
For a moment, I misunderstood
Feared disco was back for good

disco ball



Natures palette

Harvest moon

Brilliant reds, fiery orange

Sunsets, sunrises

Changing leaves

Fresh picked apples

Goldenrod, Mums, Sunflowers

Fall bounties, pumpkins, squash

Animals scurry busily about

Warm days, crisp cool nights

Bonfires, hayrides

Football, cheerleaders

Homecoming, kings and queens

In between, comes Halloween

Holidays will be here soon

Fall is my favorite season of all!