Let’s Just Talk

Now, that it’s June and the love bugs are gone.  What’s left to do?  Mow the lawn?  Pull weeds?  Keep as cool as possible in summer heat?

News headlines were depressing: floods, drought, murders, rewards, fatal crashes, rumors, sports, self-serving behavior, politics as usual.

The longer I spend time away, the harder it is to come back.  That’s why I tend to wax nostalgic.  There was a time when the world was a much sweeter place.  Or, was that an illusion of childhood innocence?

Perhaps my being in a funk this past week has become apparent?  One of my best friends–brother from a different mother, is critically ill.  Under hospice care, not expected to survive complications from lymphoma.

I’m saddened, knowing our visit of last October, will be the final farewell.  Then, there will be only three, of us surviving Air Force buddies.  So, I need good thoughts and prayers for the inevitable journey to Chicago.



Eccentricity, insanity?
No one could really say
The day, he passed away
An odd sort of fellow
Hated, the color yellow
Nobody cared, that
He left a small fortune
To, his favorite
Stuffed, teddy bear

He, wouldn’t go out
On windy days
For fear, his thoughts
Might, blow away
Did he have
Regrets or fears?
Meager mourners
Shed no tears

A purveyor of
Gloom and doom
J. P. Whistlethicket
Somebody else
Nobody knew