In Search Of Perfection

“Where to for lunch?”  Asked my bride.

Then came the rundown of places we’d been recently.

“Let’s try the new place, near Big Lots, in the strip mall.”  She suggested.

The building was all shiny and new, full of enthusiastic, happy faces (whether it was fake, or not) wearing dark blue aprons, with the brand logo.

Service seemed a little slow.  Maybe they’d just opened, and didn’t yet have things together?

“I thought my bacon cheeseburger wasn’t too bad. It was definitely above average.  Did you know they toast their hamburger buns?”  She wasn’t impressed.

“My fish sandwich was disappointing. I don’t think it was really cod. False advertising?  The filet was too flat.”

“Well, anyway it was better than the popular kids place with billions served,” I answered defensively.

“That’s not saying much,” My spouse, had the last word.

The next night, we went to a local favorite restaurant for dinner, to make up for the previous day’s dissatisfaction.  The fish was as advertised.  Employees were genuinely friendly.  There were no unexpected surprises.

However, I’ve not completely ruled out the first restaurant.  Warm toasted buns on a chilly, winter day, would be nice.

What Did They Want From Me?

Why did I need anybody
To tell me, what I needed to know?
I have a mind of my own
Back to the grindstone
Dignity left by the roadside
Always breakfast, dinner
Finger lickin’ chicken
Or something else
Even less interesting
Enough of this stuff
Some extra napkins
And ketchup packets, please
That’ll do just fine

Sorry–No Selfies

The same young man was behind the counter last evening. With so much pent-up energy, he bounced up-and-down while taking customer orders.  My faithful favorite burger franchise, decorated with orange and white stripes was about to let me down.

I should have known something was up last time, when my favorite burger with grilled peppers and onions wasn’t on the menu. “Did they still have it?” I inquired. “Yes, ‘Mr. Bounceabout’ answered.”

What a let down. My favorite burger had been discontinued since my last visit. The bouncing counter attendant announced with cold finality.

Disappointed? Yes, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Why did menu favorites come and go?  An acceptable substitute found, and a chance to explore new menu options.