Someday It Will Rain

Messes like these started with single careless acts.  An encore presentation from four years ago.  Perhaps inspired by me doing yard work all day.


Muted sunlight, filtered

through palmettos

thick, river

bank brush

Colorfully labeled

plastic bottles

aluminum cans

convenience store

Styrofoam cups

branches and driftwood

contrasted, with water

cress greenness, linked

arm-in-arm, rafted

Huckleberry Finn

style, to the sea

Civilization devolved slowly

Parade noises faded

into previous night’s

memory–these children

of promise, like

“Quest For Fire” extras

practiced their lines

Jousted for dominance

Plucked another

cold one, from the

plastic ring–“dead soldier”

empties, tossed in

spirited competition

like skipped river stones

The skies darkened

Blustery winds blew

Warning signs ignored

when the signs

were all there

Whose side

were they on?

Nobody knew

Reveling continued

till early morning

when liquor was gone

First sprinkles

then torrent

remaining traces

of conscience

floated away


Strongest Weak Points/Weakest Strong Points

A new, unwritten part of the Constitution is “the right to be offended by anything and anyone at any given time.”

My latest fear is becoming the neighborhood, “Get off my lawn” guy.

Earlier in the week, at nine in the evening.  Whistles and pops from fireworks came from a nearby backyard.  Fireworks are legal in this area.  However, public nuisance, and noise ordinances are in place.

My dogs hate fireworks.  There was no justified reason for it.  Before I knew it, found myself yelling from the backyard, in my best drill sergeant voice,  at the top of my lungs, “Whoever it is–enough with the bottle rockets, already!

Sewer and water leaks observed along the county road were reported two months ago.  This morning, repairs were observed.  A good thing to see, since everything empties into the bay.  My contribution to Earth Day.

By virtue of being too messy, I should not be allowed in the kitchen.  My main thing is making breakfast.  The two dogs stay at my feet waiting for goodies to drop on the floor.  In my defense, perfect omelettes are my specialty.

Like a lot of guys, I fancy myself an expert on the barbecue grill.  I’m fortunate to live in an area where it’s comfortable to grill the entire year.  Tonight, it’s the humble hamburger; no, not the pre-formed patties.  Only fresh-ground, unfrozen, hand-formed thick patties will do.  Mashing hamburgers down while grilling is a sacriledge that I never do.

These plants are not going to set themselves out.  Crabgrass never rests.  Nice chatting with you.



It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house.  What habit/act drives you crazy?

There are as many pet peeves as there are people.  I’m a firm believer in live and let live for the most part.  Wearing shoes in my house doesn’t fall under the heading of unforgivable sin.  In deference to the challenge–If my domicile had highly polished hardwood floors, my opinion would be different.

I have pets.  They are, to me, members of the family and are well-behaved.  My home is kept neat and tidy for the comfort, safety, and health of  occupants and visitors.  My home will never be featured in “Architectural Digest,” and it’s not a museum.  I like it that way.

People that impose their selfish ways on other people I find intolerable.  This is everyday–strewing trash everywhere, cutting people off in traffic, grabbing a little kid’s fly ball at the stadium.  Bad behavior is everywhere, practiced by those old enough to know better.  It reflects badly on them and their upbringing.

In the workplace, “me-firsters,” act like it’s their God-given right to impose on everybody.  Their actions scream, “Indulge me, I’m special.” Sorry, you’re not that special–just another irresponsible, selfish person among too many.  I don’t want to pick up after you.  I’ve done my time picking up after children and expect more from adults.  Above all else, I wish people were more considerate of the feelings of others.


nuclear vegetablesMothers
Eat, your
Grow, big
And strong

From Hell
Earth, land
And sea

Atoms, ran
Genetic codes
And torn

Into, garish
In, fits of


trashMuted sunlight, filtered
Through palmettos
Thick,  river
Bank brush
Colorfully labeled
Plastic bottles
Aluminum cans
Convenience store
Styrofoam cups
Branches, and driftwood
Contrasted, with water
Cress greenness, linked
Arm-in-arm, rafted
“Huckleberry Finn”
Style, to the sea

Civilization devolved slowly
Parade noises, faded
Into previous night’s
Memory, these children
Of promise, like
“Quest for Fire” extras
Practiced their lines
Jousted for dominance
Plucked another
Cold one, from the
The plastic ring “dead
Soldier,” empties, tossed
In spirited competition
Like, skipped river stones

The skies darkened
Blustery winds blew
Warning signs ignored
When the signs
Were all there
Whose side
Were they on?
Nobody knew
Revelling, continued
Till early morning
When, liquor was gone
First sprinkles
Then, torrent
Traces of conscience
Floated away