Special Elections/Frog Stranglers

It’s primary election day. There were a slew of senatorial candidates for both parties.  If there was no majority, a runoff will happen in September.

It didn’t take long to vote, since the polling station wasn’t crowded and the ballot was short.

Ballots for regular elections are so long, I think most people grow weary after voting their choices for federal offices. Paging through various district judges, referendums, state constitutional revisions, local issues, crammed at the tail end of the ballot–most don’t understand the issues and are tired at that point.

The good part, I did my civic duty before an intense rainstorm hit–a real “frog strangler.” Speaking of frogs–my dogs and me were watching little frogs on our flooded patio, swimming for their lives.



This blog needs a change of direction this morning.  It’s stale–in need of air-freshener or something.  Which is more important–number of views or likes?  I never figured that out.

Every subject I want to write about seems wrong–not worth the effort.  It’s hypoglycemia–that’s what I’m blaming.  After breakfast, things should go swimmingly.

There’s a building boom in the neighborhood.  Four new houses under construction–more coming.  We’re getting gas–not that kind of gas.  The kind that comes from a utility.  We’re out in the boondocks.  Does anybody say boondocks anymore?

Politics are important.  I don’t like to blog about politics.  Local media coverage is all abuzz.  This evening there’s a scheduled political rally for a particular Presidential candidate.  I’ll not mention his name.  You can guess on your own–and he doesn’t need free publicity from me.  Close to 40,000 are expected to attend–excluding myself.

I was at a political rally in the fall of 1975 for Gerald Ford.  Everybody knows how that election turned out.  Jimmy Carter won, mostly because of the backlash against Nixon and Watergate.  “Ford pardoned Nixon,” they said.

Jimmy Carter wasn’t exactly my favorite President.  I wish him well in his fight against cancer.  I think he’s a good man.  Him being a Southerner and all, was reflected in pop culture of the time.

His brother, Billy, was most likely an embarrassment.  There are probably more than a few cans of “Billy Beer” left on dusty antique store shelves.  Ironically, several Southern-flavored TV shows came out in prime-time–“Dukes of Hazzard,” and, the less popular, “Carter Country.”

It’s obscene the amount of money required to get elected to the Presidency.  I thought Super Bowl commercial time was expensive.  Campaign financing is a big part of the problem.  It’s the only government we have.  Let’s make the best of it.