My Car’s a Star

Igor Kvanska, maverick founder/ CEO of the upstart ZBC Network, has a penchant for reviving moribund TV sitcoms.  Today, he announced plans to re-make, “My Mother the Car.”

For those that don’t remember–and that includes most of us–the series was about a 1928 Porter automobile; purchased as a second car.  The main character, David Crabtree, portrayed by Jerry Vandyke, discovered the car to be his reincarnated, deceased mother, Gladys.  Gladys talked through the car’s radio–voice synched with radio dial light.

The series distinguished itself as being the worst in television broadcasting history.  It lasted only one season.  The producer, Allan Burns, went on to bigger and better things–including, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Get Smart.

If all this doesn’t have you running for the hills–there’s more.  Fresh from his failed re-make of “Hello Larry,” Mr. Kvanska plans to call this rehash, “My Car’s a Star.” This time, the car’s reincarnated as fictional movie star, Gloria Starr, from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

How he will pull this off is beyond me.  Some moldy oldies should be left alone.  After the Hello Larry debacle, Igor Kvansky seems Hell bent on becoming the Ed Wood of television programming.