Much More To Come

Distracted living
Click bait for cheapskates
Tijuana brass monkeys
Why was there nothing here?
Took a walk, came back later.

There are lots of things currently going on in my life.  Mostly, de-cluttering sixteen years of excess everything.  Sprucing up the house, in case it is put up for sale.

Made a solemn vow sixteen years before, that I would never move again.  Situations, and people change over the years.  Now, I need to be closer to friends and family.

Every part of the country has good and bad points.  I’m ready to accept colder winters.  Maybe I’ve been in this location for too long?  Nobody in the neighborhood knows we’re going to move–and it shall remain a secret, for now.

A lot of things have to happen in the meantime.  The process has just started.  I don’t intend to give up blogging in the interim.  “Give up the things you love, and there will be nothing left to love.”



Not Merely Idle Speculation

The only thing that changed more than the weather, was the way people changed their minds

Fair-weather walkers, joggers, vowed not to return till next spring.

Wild kingdom: A baby raccoon appeared outside the front window of the YMCA one morning. He ran back-and-forth in the shrubbery, desperate to escape from staff members.

Do you recall being distracted by birds, animals outside public school classroom windows? I confess, to being easily distracted.

My two dogs and myself nearly stepped on a large water moccasin, early one morning. It was still dark and the temperature was in the low 40’s.

It seemed to me, growing up in a rural farming community, that form always took a back seat to function when it came to home repairs–especially external ones.

Have you experienced the sensation while waiting for a train, at night, that your car was moving forward, or sideways? You’re temporarily hypnotized–foot firmly planted on the brake pedal. Or when driving late at night, the sensation, that the road disappeared over the next hill?

Scientific terminology for these sensations escapes me at the moment. I attributed these things to driving while fatigued.

Loving It and Living It (Without Losing It)


Potato chip clips

Blank stares

Shooting stars

Truces declared

In word wars

Post-it notes cluttered

Ink blots splattered

All over the pages

What was the skinny?

What were the latest rages?

Teases, and taunts

Top tips for this or that

Wear sunblock, wear a hat

Fifty favorite vacation haunts

What was my favorite font?

Why it was important

To know what I wanted

Captions searched

For pictures

Messed with

My mind’s eye

Gave it just

One more try

Mercy me

What just fell

From the family tree?

Wasn’t that pitiful?

If it was anything at all?

Dash and dine?

Anything that was fun

Was fine with me

Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous

Have you ever had so much miscellaneous stuff running through your head, that you can’t concentrate on anything in particular? That’s the way it’s been today.

The day wears on.  Sort of like myself, cloudy for most of the day; once, it almost rained.  Couldn’t do that much yard work–yet, didn’t want to do it, anyway.  Too much miscellaneous, miscellaneous.  I refuse to let it get me down.


The example given was a good one.  Handel’s “Messiah” is one of the most beautiful compositions ever written.

Rev. Larry continued, “Every year, Bob the tympani player, looked forward to performing with the community orchestra.  Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he tuned his instrument for exactly the right moment.  Nothing but perfection would do.  Even though the audience wouldn’t know the difference if the drum skins were tuned a bit flat or sharp–Bob would know.”

“That’s because Bob refused to be distracted from the task at hand.”

“Are you distracted from the important things in life?”  Rev. Larry asked in my dream this morning.

Rev. Larry resembled the pastor of a large local church from television commercials.  The good reverend wore a toupee.  Not being an expert on hair replacement products–it appeared to be a good one.

How did Rev. Larry know that I’m easily distracted?  It was uncanny.