Tuesday Afternoon

Day after tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’m ready for it, as usual. Our trip to Australia next month is my gift.

Random references to Tuesday in culture, poetry, and song: Moody Blues, “Tuesday Afternoon,” Rolling Stones, “Ruby Tuesday,” Sixties actress, Tuesday Weld, from the “Beach Blanket Bingo” era.  Tuesdays child was “full of grace.”  Pity poor children born on Wednesdays that were “full of woe.”

How am I today?  Thanks for asking. I’m not bad for a rainy, drippy, Tuesday.  For the record, I wasn’t born on a Tuesday.  I was born on a Saturday.  Need I say, “Saturdays children worked hard for a living?”

Tuesday Love?

What’s the point in assigning values to days of the week?

Mondays are horrible because they signify the end of weekend freedom.  Before I retired, spent many sleepless Sunday nights.

Wednesdays are hump days–the halfway point to the weekend.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are as useless as bumps on dill pickles.

The TBT movement was an attempt to spice up Thursdays, with vintage, remember when, pictures.  I just know that all of you would be thrilled to see pictures of yours truly as a toddler.

Fridays are the end of the work week–TGIF.

Saturdays should then be the greatest of all weekdays.

Tuesdays are the most reviled.  Tuesdays are too close to the previous weekend and too far away from the upcoming one.

Why not get rid of Tuesdays?  Does it have a function other than to connect Monday and Wednesday?

Seasonal change is real–whether one chooses to believe or not.  There’s too much scientific evidence to refute it.

Why not get rid of winter?  Nobody seems to like it–especially in the snow belt.

All this thinking got me to thinking.  I know, that was redundant.  Redundant to make a point.  There really is a purpose to Tuesdays.  Tuesdays should be designated as “Gripe Days.”  A day to air complaints and grievances.

Constant complainers won’t get it.  For longsuffering folks, it could help.  And you know what?  I happen to like dill pickles.