“Grab the nearest book.  Open it and go to the tenth word.  Do a Google Image Search on the word.  Write what the image brings to mind.”

Photographers, artists, poets show us BOOKS.” 


battle ww2 peleliuA picture, from a dusty old book
Depicted war in the South Pacific
Some seventy years, had gone by
Since that day, when
The sun barely shone
Through smoke and debris
No birds sang, nothing was green
Only desolation and devastation
As far, as the eye could see

Two, battle weary
Marines, hunkered down
Cradled, weapons
Their, only true friends
Dared, anything to move
Somehow, through this
Apocalyptic madness
Why, were they still there
When, others had perished?
Sentimentality, wasn’t an option
Another day, among many
That never seemed to end