From the Scrapyard

I sought feel good headlines to no avail.  This happened much too often.

Meteorologists predicted a rainy, soggy, Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

If it wasn’t TV commercials for products and services not available in my area, it was junk on the internet.

Like “Chicken Man” on top 40 radio stations in the sixties. It’s everywhere.

A picture of a Volvo P1800 sports wagon, illustrated a tome about Cadillac motorcars.

Would anyone eat popcorn made in the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle? It captured my attention without appealing to my taste buds in the slightest.

How can the vacation of a lifetime be topped? Live another lifetime?

Old King Coal

Mountains shoveled
Smelled of sulfur
Soot, stained insides
Outsides of everything
Who still knew
How to bank a fire
So it lasted till morning?
Mine tailings, shafts
Abandoned, concrete filled
Subsidence from
Collapsed timbers
Scars, both seen and unseen
What was left
From when coal was king?
No coal, no industrial revolution
Answered, Old King Coal

Monday Miscellaneous

Some people are fashionably late for everything.  They’re late for meetings.  Then, everyone waits while the tardy individual is brought up to speed on everything.  The first ten minutes of every meeting are wasted–anyway.

Today, I’m bringing up the rear.  Being last minute is not my style.  Tardiness leaves me feeling vulnerable–and I could forget something important–like my pants.

The election of 2016 leaves the option of voting for the least scary candidate–in my opinion.  Which leads me to past political rhetoric.  For example, Sen. Lloyd Bentsen’s famous criticism of VP candidate, Dan Quayle.  “You’re no Jack Kennedy.”

It brought down the house at the VP debates, but was a ridiculous comparison.  Here’s some comparisons of my own.

You’re no Eleanor Roosevelt.

What would Jimmy Carter do?

Don Quixote wasn’t quite that fast.

Eisenhower had a lower golf score.

Abraham Lincoln wasn’t right all the time-either.

Maybe this won’t bring down the house?  Let’s end with a misquote–because, after all, it was more fun than an envelope full of monkeys.