When Payment Came Due

The latest
Buzzword voodoo
Do you, or do you, not?
Use this overused phrase
“You–do you”
Another, in an
Endless desert
Of wasted words
While you were out messages
Telemarketer, baited hooks
I wasn’t interested
Now–do you, do you, or not?


Spinning Out of Control


Parental acronyms

For ultimate weapons

Terminology seized upon

By capitalist opportunists

MOACS–mothers of all clearance sales

MOAP’s, FOAP’s–mothers, fathers of all pizzas

MOAPCS–Mother of all pre-owned car sales

Overplayed, until they became PM,F,OATTA

Pathetic mothers, fathers of all trite, tired, acronyms

I won’t even mention, except in passing

The poor folks in Moab, Utah

What must they be thinking?



I Like…

I Like
Dogs with fleas
Little chubby
Baby knees
Puppy sneezes
Evening breezes

Bubble wrap
Plaid caps
With ear flaps
Country meadows
Cold winters
With crunchy snow

People that
Aren’t jerks
Gadgets, when
They do work
Warm days
Cool nights
Clichés, when
They’re used right

Tom T. Hall
And, Oh Yes
From this
You’d never
Ever guess
That, I liked
The best of all!