Knock-Knock Who’s There…

Knock-knock who’s there?

Knick-knacks, knackwurst

Don’t like it?  Don’t knock it

Tired punchlines–nobody cared

Lost among receding hairlines

Expanding waistlines

Figures of speech

Nobody under thirty understood

Fedora hats replaced

By baseball caps worn backward

By those aspiring to be hip and cool

Gomer Pyle, Satch from the Bowery Boys

Sported askew caps and portrayed fools



During the upcoming Holiday Season I’m compelled to interject a little humor.  Most of what I’ve seen lately on the net–insults sensibilities or is just plain silly.

Don’t Presidential candidates know they shouldn’t leave first impressions lying around like that?  Politicians, they come and they go.

Some are like coal mine canaries–they identify problems, but are their solutions palatable?

Sometimes I think technology is wasted on the young.  Especially, when it’s assumed what’s adored now, will always be there.

I like the invisibility of getting older.  Just don’t take me for granted.

Windows 10, blogging platform changes–I don’t cope with changes as well as I should.  Changes should bring improvements, not complications.

Do I care about what celebrities think about the current slate of Presidential candidates?  No–not one whit.

Can nations buy the friendship of other nations?  Like the skinny kid on the playground giving up his or her lunch money to bullies everyday–they always want more.  There has to be reciprocal give and take.

The United States wants money from property seized during the 1959 Cuban Revolution.  How long will it be before Cuba counters with a tit-for-tat damage request from the trade embargo?

The “Hanging Toilets of Peru”–a headline misread by me yesterday.  In an immature moment it was hilarious.  Because, what if there really were?

“Dear Lord, Protect us from our own idiocy–Amen.”

“You can’t fool me–there ain’t no Sanity Clause.”  Chico and Groucho Marx, a lesson in contract law, from ‘A Night at the Opera’








“Fifty Shades of Grey,” an avant-garde, artsy-fartsy, S-M film, is about to be released in this country.  The talk of the town–with jokes flying through the air, about bondage, restraint, kinky sex.  It’s rumored, some British hardware stores, are prepared for runs on plastic zip ties, ropes, duct tape, and other items.  To me–it’s just more porn, in a different disguise–with a musical score.

In light of this, I would like to share a quote, from one of my all-time favorite comedy movies–“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.”  From British comedian, Terry Thomas–a description of American culture, from 1963; which according to him, was a matriarchy.

I don’t understand the absolutely, mad (American) preoccupation with bosoms.  If women stopped wearing brassieres–the American economy would collapse overnight.

Sexist?  Perhaps–after all, it was 1963.  However, American fascination with the tawdry–including bosoms; women as sex objects, hasn’t changed.