Good Days

“Have a good day, until somebody screws it up for you.” What kind of negative greeting was that?  This was a twisted, Murphy’s Law curse.

In other words–have a good day, but be wary, because negative things were bound to happen.   When negative things happened, boo birds of unhappiness, chirped, “See, I told you so.”

When working in sales, positive benefits were emphasized, negative disclaimers mentioned, but de-emphasized.

There has to be a reason to get up in the morning. And, for me, that is thinking positively.

Not that negative things weren’t possible, just that, I didn’t choose to dwell on them.


Don’t Look At Me That Way

Brown eyes pleaded.  My two dogs wanted belly rubs–made it impossible to write.

Sometimes pet owners, sports enthusiasts, assume others have the same passions, as they do.  That’s wrong and causes resentment.

Dog hair accumulates everywhere.  The vacuum cleaner does double duty.  Wet dog smells can be unpleasant.

It was a conscious choice to adopt them.  Along with that came responsibilities of proper care and attention.

I’m introverted and these two make me happy.  They help me navigate through a sometimes strange, uncaring world.

Who greets you at the door?  Who wakes you up in the morning?  Perhaps it’s only for treats?  I don’t care.

If I wanted to feel unappreciated–I’d go back to work.  I’m retired–it’s not going to happen.