Humble Weeds

No need

For quests

To exotic locales

When satisfied

With the glories

Of humble weeds


–image, Craig Roberts–



blue grosbeak

Not a bit happy about being held–this blue grosbeak was ready to bite.  It didn’t matter, whether or not, that hand belonged to my friend Craig Roberts.

Craig’s pictures have been featured on this blog many times.  Craig came to the rescue of this hapless bird, when it became entangled in spider webs in his barn.

I’ve never personally seen a blue grosbeak.  They are beautifully colored–similar to the indigo bunting.  The blue grosbeak is larger, stockier–distinguished by orange wing markings.

Since blue is my favorite color; blue-colored birds–such as the bluebird, barn swallow, and blue jay are also favorites.

Backyard birding is a favorite pastime.  The latest discovery is a pair of nearly full-grown doves.  I suspect, they were fledged this spring, in my palm tree.

Craig’s pictures are also featured on Facebook’s “Birds of the Eastern United States.”