One Hit Wonder Day–the Day After

Yesterday was the official “One Hit Wonder” day. There are days to commemorate nearly everything. National Potato Day, Stamp Collectors Day–you name it, there’s a day for it.

Since I go back a bit further than most folks, here’s my offering. Little Willie, by the Sweet. From the “bubblegum era” this had to be one of the most irritating songs ever made. “Little Willie” refused to be pushed around. “Little Willie” wouldn’t go home.

That was the entire “Little Willie” story in a nutshell. Like a slap to the face with an octopus–just like the guy alleged to have been slapped by a seal, in a recent news story. Wonder what the guy did to provoke the seal?

Midweek Matinee

In which my

Scatterbrained mind

Is freed from most constraints

Yesterday, it was

Paws, claws, clenched jaws

At the veterinarian’s

Today, annoying, biting

Vampire horse flies

Attempted to feast

On my blood

Swatting scared

My poor dog

It took quite a bit

Of reassurance

To calm her down

I suppose yelling

Like an idiot

At horse flies

Was not necessary

Other Tales To Tell

What if typos, misspellings

Grammatical errors

Interchanged vowels

Shifted tenses

Dangled participles

Slaughtered syntax

Fumbled-fingered, stumbles

Runaway sentences

Were theorized to be Freudian slips

Subconscious attempts to cause

Mayhem, hidden in troubled minds?

To plus too, certainly didn’t equal fore–or was it four?

Why did my fingers make t-h-e into t-e-h?

That that was when they they weren’t seeing double

We’re looking for underware to where–if anybody cares?

Their, they’re, there, threw, through

Were really cries for help

And their are other tails to tell













rv park

  1. The unfortunate mouse and the fan
  2. Awnings, storms–fun with the wind
  3. Propane gas fails–before breakfast, before dawn
  4. Mud daubers, rain, rumbles on the roof
  5. Evil overloads–snap, snap, snap, went the breakers
  6. Blinding sunrises, through bedroom windows, in my eyes
  7. Afraid of the dark neighbors with searchlight, night lights
  8. Couldn’t sleep–thin walls knew no secrets
  9. Winter sucked, frozen hoses, cold noses–Baby it’s cold inside
  10. I felt the earth move–with every step you took