National Dog Day

My submission for National Dog Day. I didn’t know there was such a thing. Everyday is my dog’s holiday.


The Mockettes (Mocking ‘Round the Clock)

Mocks rocked the treetop

Mocks mocked all day

Mocked all night long

Mock, mock, mocked

Then mocked

Some more

Mock, mock, mocked

Mocked ’round the clock

Woodpeckers knocked

They kept on mocking

The tree was rocking

Mockettes mocked on

‘Twas a fledgling thing


Image, Craig Roberts–

Gus the Gull

“What’s ya lookin’ at pal?

“You got somethin’ for

your old buddy

Gus the gull

down there?”

“Come on, share some

just a little taste

I don’t want it all

be a sport, be a pal”

Percival the pelican

Was wise to Gus’s ways

“I’d like to have a dollar

for every time I heard that”

“Get outta’ here–skedaddle

you mealy-mouthed moocher!”