Spinning Out of Control


Parental acronyms

For ultimate weapons

Terminology seized upon

By capitalist opportunists

MOACS–mothers of all clearance sales

MOAP’s, FOAP’s–mothers, fathers of all pizzas

MOAPCS–Mother of all pre-owned car sales

Overplayed, until they became PM,F,OATTA

Pathetic mothers, fathers of all trite, tired, acronyms

I won’t even mention, except in passing

The poor folks in Moab, Utah

What must they be thinking?




Your CWI Is Too Long

Long ago in the time of paper records there was a young man naïve in the ways of the world; and certainly naïve to office practices.

He had to get his priorities in order to function at acceptable levels.

“Watch your CWI.”

“Your CWI is too long.”

This admonition rang out the entire working day.  There was a time limit from when a call was answered, to hold time required to secure paper records, and return to the line with an answer.  Hence, CWI–customer waiting interval.

Some days, I swore acronyms were more important, than the customer service job itself.  Every operation had an acronym.  I’ve forgotten most of them except for BISCOMDACS.

Love the life your in–good advice to follow.  However, filing wasn’t as fulfilling to me–as perhaps it should have been.