Right on time

Clever one-liners

No news, good news

Only unusable news

Fast and loose

With the truth

Disguised, despised

Nefarious, glorious

Even gregarious

Constitutional, institutional

Cruisin’ and losin’

Pardon the intrusion

Peace of mind assaulted

Coincidence, nobody’s faulted

Precipitous slips and trips

Merely innocent quips

Waited for apology

The guilty went free

There was nothing

Here for me


No escape

No longer a child

Tales carefully crafted

Told in condescending order

Opinions mattered little

Words that stung

Accusations ran wild

Conclusion jumping

Carefully practiced

Assembled, disassembled

Approved, disapproved

Doubts, distrust

Unattainable goals

Unreasonable expectations

Ungrateful people

Marched in lockstep

Cheshire cat smiles

Discarded dignity

Drifted in the wind


Blanketed darkness

Opaque conscience

Buckled knees

Hearts beat faster

Tension and fear

No wrong, no right

No future, no past

No first, no last

There was no best

Expected the worst

Unbridled passions

Unquenchable thirst

High stakes game

Your life to win

Enemies, friends

It didn’t matter

Primordial law

Take from the weak

Give to the strong

Crumbs for the losers

Then the night ended

Look Inside

If only

We could see past

Arrogance, obstinance

Accomplishments, accoutrements

False piety and pride

Peer beneath the surface

Look what’s inside

Hopes, desires

Dreams, aspirations

Failures, insecurities

Hate, self-loathing

Inner frightened child

With empathy, understanding

Less hatred, fewer wars

The true measure of a man

Is what’s inside!


Eroded memory

Carefully crafted

Common sensical

Whimsical, emotional

Achievement, monuments

Sand castles, dreams

Hot day ice cream

Dignity, self-respect

Barriers from reality

Persistence of conscience

Specks of insignificance

Given, torn asunder

Sacrificially surrendered

Everything put together falls apart


Cheech and Chong in Judge Judy’s Court:  Let the laugh riot commence as those two loveable stoners from the past cavort in court.  They’d get tossed out on their behinds.  Judge Judy wouldn’t find anything about them amusing.

Angry Man Dinner:  “How do you satisfy an angry man?”  With the “Angry Man” frozen, ready to eat, TV dinner.  Marketed to knuckle-dragging, boorish, unrepentant, males of the species.  They know who they are, sitting in reclining chairs.  Perched in front of the television, guzzling beer in dirty, stained T-shirts and undershorts.  “It’s six o’clock, I’m hungry!” “Woman, where’s my dinner?” “It’s in the freezer.”  “I’ll get it right away, Dear.”

Uvula Monologues:  One of the lesser known body parts is the uvula.  It’s the little thing hanging down at the back of your throat.  As some men get older it gets flabby.  The snoring sound is amplified, to the consternation of wives everywhere.  Now, that I’m getting older, other body parts have chimed in.  …Creaky joints, stomach growls.  All of you!  Just shut up already!

Certified Guilt Free:  Why not market products certified to be 100% guilt-free?  It would help ease the consciences of millions of guilt-ridden American consumers.  For those concerned about sustainability, global warming, carbon footprints, organically grown consumables.  Incidently, from “Star Trek” and “Mr. Spock,” aren’t we carbon-based life forms?  Could there be a use for clothes dryer lint?  …A paper mache substitute?         

Somewhere Past Nashville

A beautiful morning

Just another day

Twenty miles from nowhere

Crowded streets of mind

Familiar truth resounded

Green rolling meadows

Horses chased shadows

Sweet tea, lemonade

Trees, lots of shade

There my heart ran free

Looked for redemption

Forgiveness never came

Journey never ended

Why did it always rain?

Somewhere past Nashville