Beside Cruel Waters

car graveyard
Inheritance of meek
Left scattered about
All bowed, before her
Muddy waters dashed
Dreamers, defiant, alike
With driftwood, flotsam
Baptized all
Parched land
Cried out, for rain
Big Muddy, turned away
Revealed, her dead



man in mirrirI briefly stared
At the reflection
Standing there
Was I you?
Were you me?

The same person
I used to be?
Happy, carefree
Never took himself too seriously
Who bought into dreams
Sight unseen

Was it real?
Did I still, feel?
The same passions
I used to feel?

 Was I there?
Was I you?
Were you me?
Did I still care?

L’Enfants Terrible

circus sideshowUniverse crumbled
Emotional infants
Lashed out in pain
Threw tantrums
With ear-splitting screams

From cribs and playpens
Spit up, threw toys
Sprayed bullets of abuse
Played, patty-caked
Demanded to be amused

Clapped in mock adulation
Old people with walkers
Obese men on tightropes
Paparazzi and stalkers
With finest, pretend smiles

Safety net disappeared
Shocked the unprepared
All paid, few short-changed
Shared sickness, suffered alone
Committed suicide, slowly by phone


cluttered garageKaraoke masters
Plastic Edward R. Murrows
Paint-by-number Picassos
Self-perpetuated deceit
Shouted from the rafters

Monuments to mediocrity
Crowded attics, basements, garages
Unwanted electronics, stacked hodge-podge
Cadillac Cimarrons, Lincoln Versailles
Products birthed with exotic names
Cheap knock-offs of the real thing

Bought in January, useless in February
Marketed darlings, now useless junk
Failed resolutions, good intentions
Unlimited imitations of imitations
Exclusivity in millions of editions