DSCN0347” Here comes the rain again, …Falling on my head like a new emotion”

Rippled waters appeared through my office window this morning.  Thunder crashed, lightning flashed–weather radar lit up with bright reds and yellows.  A line of storms slowly passed overhead, but not before dumping excessive amounts of rain.  That was in addition to rainfall during the night.  A stream flowed across the back of my house.  It formed a confluence with a “creek,” near the palm tree at the edge of my yard.

Reddish-brown water, colored by dirt from the construction project next door, contrasted with green grass.  Elated frogs formed a chorus line in the front yard to the accompaniment of cacophonic “ribits” and croaks.  A tiny frog took up residence on my doorbell button.  I foiled his plan to sneak in my front door.  The drainage ditch in front has now become a mosquito hatchery because of excessive July rains.

The sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds.  Three large pools of water remained in the backyard.  My patio still has standing water.  Soil has reached the saturation point.  Please, rain gods, I beg of you–no more rain for the next twenty-four hours!  Somewhere, someone else needs rain much more than I do.

It’s happened before–excessive amounts of rainfall in a short time.  In 2005, we got twenty-two inches of rain in four days.  That time, our street was completely underwater, from beginning to end.  I think it’s the uncertainty and fickleness of the weather.  “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”  There’s nothing to do, but wait, and hope for the best.

In the meantime, Maggie, my mischievous mutt, decided to play in the water and mud.  She allowed me to approach, then barked, and darted quickly away.  Any closer and it was bath time–If she tracked mud in the house, we’d both be in trouble.



Create a short story, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.


All pleasantries set aside
Bridges burned at both ends
Called play-by-play
Drive-time shock jocks
Egomaniacs, eagerly self-anticipated
Full of one-liners, punch lines, buzzwords
Glorified baser human instincts
Hipster heroes, Harry Whodunits
Ignored implications, complications
Jumped on their own bandwagons
Kissed babies and behinds
Liars for hire, professional deniers
Mostly cheered for their sides
Never seemed to shut up
Only to catch their breath
Please, give me a break!
Quickly–I need peace and quiet!
Relief, sweet relief!
Sooner, rather than later!
Trash, talking fools
Usurpers of the air waves
Vacant, vapid voices
Wrong-way Willies
Xerographic imitators of imitators
You shall irritate me no more
Zombie apocalypse has finally come!


mississippi lightning--alex northThe ghostly
Figure, of a man
Walked, hunched
Over, up and down
The beach sand
On stormy nights
Still, searched
For something
He’d, never found

Sharecropper’s son
From hard-time
Mississippi, when
Things was rough
The day he left
Like to drove
His mama
And daddy, insane
Boy, he could
Sure, wail those
Blues, like
No one else

That, was
Because, of
Troubled feelings
Hidden, deep
Inside, big
City darkness
Took ahold
Of, his soul
Wouldn’t, let go
When, he died
It seemed
As though
Folks, would
Never stop cryin’

Now, his
Blues wailed
In the midst, of
Howling winds
His tears
Lost, in
Driving rain
Played, to the
Of, thunder
And Mississippi

–Photo by Alex North–


“Go to your stats page and check your top 3-5 posts.  Why do you think they’ve been successful?  Find the connection between them and write about it.”

1.Home Page/Archives,” 3,436 views

I’m reluctant to use the first example because it’s too inclusive.  My first few posts from last year would probably elicit the, (“Who wrote this crap?”), response.  However, I would suggest perusal of two early posts, “Widgets” and “The One Thing Leads to Another Rule.”    

2.  “Off the Grid,” 858 views

This story about homelessness, told in poetic form, took on a life of its own.  The characters, Alonzo and Pamela, represented what could happen to anyone under the same circumstances.

3.  “Black Dragon Rose,” 475 views

“Black Dragon Rose” sprang to life after viewing a picture of an exotic tea rose.  The question I asked myself–what was the true essence of intrigue?

4.  “About,” 241 views

My continuing goal is to follow the ideals spelled out in my “mission statement.”

5.  “One Soldier’s Story (Dad’s WWII Letters),” 128 views

This was the first installment of My father’s WWII story, told in letters written to his parents.  For those that took the time to read through some of these long posts, there was a clear picture of one family’s emotional upheaval during wartime.  I did historical research to fill in some of the gaps.  WWII GI’s weren’t always talkative about war experiences.  I’ve yet to meet anyone that loves war.  The sacrifices of veterans, made our present day world safer, and should not be taken for granted.


The Connection?

I find the most fulfillment in storytelling–whether in poetry or prose.  I use stats as guidelines only.  If I like a post, that doesn’t guarantee that anyone else will like it.  My most popular posts went beyond my normal comfort zones.  Perhaps, that’s the connection?  Posts two through five were about vastly different subjects.  The second post, “Off the Grid,” was my furthest trek off the beaten path.  Collectively, these efforts could best be described, as “Life in a Blender.