Double Placebo, Blindfold Test

My hot and cold running, IP connection can be frustrating. Less frustrating because I had a good breakfast.

A few years ago, we hailed “King Kale” as the king of all the leafy green vegetables. Never thought I’d see beets, honored in the same way. Dried beet chips–who’d a thunk it?

I eat each item separately on my plate. There’s no dabbling, sampling a little of this-or-that.  Brussel sprouts and cooked cabbage aren’t among my favorites.  However, spiced up properly, I will try them.

I once knew a fellow that couldn’t stand for anyone to touch his food–other than himself. If someone sampled his French fries, the remaining ones were tossed in the trash. Do you know someone with unusual dietary habits?

In dyslexic fervor, I hung up all of my freshly-laundered trousers facing opposite to the ones already hung. My laziness outweighed any OCD tendencies.

Whatever the situation, it may help to try the Double Placebo, Blindfold Test.  Or was it the Double Blind, Placebo Test?


We’ve had a lot of storms lately, like four years ago, when this was written.


Streaked, time

Lapsed stars



Cloud castles

That, bubbled

In a boiling

Mass, destined

For destruction

Torn apart

By, jagged

Flashes, of



Rain drops

In, hot



Night sky

–Photo by Wayne Cloud–WX–

Rinse, Lather, Repeat

My lawn is squishy from excessive summer rains. Please, somebody turn off the faucet.

Perusing the news. A 100-year-old fruitcake was discovered to still be edible. Any takers?

More people are cheating on their taxes. I think the same people have always cheated–just never got caught.

The parent company of IHOP and Applebees, is reportedly ready to close up to 160 underperforming outlets. Funny thing, I was just talking about our local franchise, and how it had gone downhill.

Anyone else want to see an “Apolitical Television Network?”

Radio commercials heard many times before–“make money working from home;” “reduce credit car debt forever;” “regain your brain power.” Have to give credit for persistence.

Frozen pizzas were scattered all over the highway in an Arkansas community this week, due to a delivery truck mishap.

Elvis Presley week is fast approaching. Do you have celebration plans?

Is the current crises with N. Korea like the Cold War of the past? It is a small reminder of what it was like. The Cold War was much worse. When schools start to have “duck and cover” drills, once again–then, I’ll start to worry.

Some experts alleged predicted solar eclipse maps were inaccurate.  In any case, much of the northern hemisphere, will glimpse a complete to partial eclipse.  I remember safely viewing past partial eclipses by reflections, and with welder’s helmets.

A stray cat ran across the outfield during a recent St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  The team went on to win and the fluffy tabby will henceforth be known as “The Rally Cat.” The feral cat was later found, and I wish him/her well.

Along Historic Route 66

Country Classic Cars, popped up from the corn fields near Staunton, Illinois. With an eclectic collection of cars and trucks from yesteryear.  Interstate 55 passed by on one side, and old highway 66 on the back side.

The business is a tangled mess of burned out cars and twisted metal from a massive fire a day ago. Between 150 and 180 collectible vehicles were destroyed–inventory has yet to be completed.

Rubberneckers gawked, myself included, as they passed by on I-55. There was a Desoto sedan just like your Uncle Nick and Aunt Martha’s with tail fins. I perused their website on a regular basis after moving from the area.

Their cars were affordable. Some fancy, most were just regular, common cars like our parents, grandparents drove.  The business owner rented period cars out for movie productions.

Where else could one see such a smattering of automotive history, from the twenties through the eighties?  Hopefully they will stay in business. It’s reported there were a total of 650 vehicles. This will put a dent in the business for some time to come.–

Southern Nights

Was it possible for a person to be in an insipid mood? Well, that’s where I am today.

The battle of the household budget is not going to interest anyone. Even though, I’d like to discuss the ever-increasing price of dog treats with you.

Today, everything is overshadowed by the passing of Glen Campbell. It’s fitting that “Southern Nights” plays on in my head–after hearing it on the radio.

I was a Glen Campbell fan.  Being a Vietnam-era vet, the song “Galveston,” with its lyrics about homesickness, spoke to me at the time.

Thanks to the man from Delight, Arkansas who gave us memories of warm Southern nights.

The Mockettes (Mocking ‘Round the Clock)

Mocks rocked the treetop

Mocks mocked all day

Mocked all night long

Mock, mock, mocked

Then mocked

Some more

Mock, mock, mocked

Mocked ’round the clock

Woodpeckers knocked

They kept on mocking

The tree was rocking

Mockettes mocked on

‘Twas a fledgling thing


Image, Craig Roberts–