A Shout Out To Mother Nature

Kudos to Mother Nature for keeping the L-A-F low today, (see previous post).  The warehouse club parking lot, and store wasn’t at all crowded this Saturday.

That was due to thunderstorms and rain that followed  us the entire trip over.  It was worth the minor inconvenience of carrying an umbrella.

The free grape samples weren’t bad either.  Walked out with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  It helped, that we were hungry and it was lunch time.

Shopping finished in record time, and Tex-Mex for lunch.  It was nice being on Mother Nature’s good side.

Smelling Nice

A quick walk through the bath, body lotion store with my spouse.  I tried not to touch anything, nor stare at anything or anyone for too long.

“Doesn’t this smell nice?”  She asked.

“Yes, it does,” I nodded in agreement.

This same scene played out, at least, a half-dozen more times–until I was a sticky mess; a virtual cornucopia of mixed fragrance samples.

If cleanliness was next to godliness, then smelling nice, had to also be right up there.

The Brave…(Black Friday Post Script)

The brave, the hard core, are out in force today for Black Friday.  It’s pouring cold rain.  Serious shoppers won’t pay the weather any mind.

“What do you want for Christmas?”  Asked my daughter.

That’s a difficult question to answer.  How much material things does a person need?

I have too much stuff as it is.  Letting go of things that have sentimental attachments is difficult.  I’m speaking primarily of outdated electronics and camera gear.

So what if an I-Pod and speaker stand are the same size as my first transistor radio?  The sound quality will never match that of my giant vintage Bose 501 speakers.

I’m staying home.  I can watch boorish behavior of impatient shoppers on television coverage.  Turkey leftovers are calling me–I must depart.


Rained before dawn

It’s happened before

And, will happen again

Children wrote

Screaming letters

On flaming blackboards

With squeaky chalk

What a crazy dream!

Another busy Saturday

Yogurt samples everywhere

Not that I didn’t like yogurt

Freebies before

School term started

Great day for people watching

Parents, with kids in tow

Amazing–a parking place

Right in front of the store

Hidden between rows

Of five-gallon cans

Of pork and beans

I got what I came for

Dog treats and cheese


mayo in stores

Blogging gives me somewhere to turn, when there’s no one to listen.  “Come see what a fool I am–not only see, what a fool I am; you can read about it here.”

If anything’s to blame–I choose birth order.  I was a middle child.  Middle children didn’t get as much attention as first-born. There were albums of first-born children’s pictures.  Second born children’s pictures were stashed away in closet shoe boxes.

Cries for attention–we had to scream louder; hated comparisons to older siblings.  That’s why we became pranksters and class clowns.  Maybe that’s where my crazy story ideas came from?

There are so many disconnected topic ideas floating around in my head, it’s a struggle to keep them organized.  Sure, not all of them are good ideas.  Some recent examples are:

  • Lady Chatterly’s Liver
  • What have You Done For Me Philately?
  • Don’t Stamp On My Stamp Collection
  • Friendship Tests–Moving Pianos
  • Little Old Ladies Talking Dirty
  • It Was Only Acting (On Impulse)

I wonder if middle children are more likely to be free spirits–prone to follow paths of nonconformity.

My brother was first-born, precocious, and the center of attention.  He expected others to like him–couldn’t deal with not being liked.  Which my younger brother and I used to full advantage.

And that’s why I am, the way I am.  What’s your excuse?  Perhaps, you want to be on a hill, but you’re in a valley?  You’re name is Jill, but you’d like to be Sally?  And, to go along with that thought–I shouldn’t have to stoop this low.  It’s just sick–like pity sex–you know.

It’s the same old blame game.  True confessions can be embarrassing.  After all that–I’d rather be turning phrases, than selecting jars of mayonnaise at the local grocery.