Beets Beat Kale?

Deep red root vegetable.  Not on too many kid’s favorite vegetable lists.  Who grew up liking pickled beets?  …Harvard beets?  …Creamed beets?  As a kid, I liked the earthy flavor of beets.

King Kale has certainly had its brush with fame.  Touted in all corners of the known nutritional universe.  Will beets provide the knockout punch and dethrone the king?

Beets are high in iron, vitamins, and minerals.  Aunt Margaret’s beet soufflé, brought to family gatherings was politely tasted–nobody wanted to hurt her feelings.  Her scratch-made cakes more than made up for it.

Still wouldn’t eat a beet on a bet?  There are beet supplements, dried beet chips, beets disguised in veggie drinks.  Beets are good for you, according to  Beets were originally grown for their edible green, red-veined tops.

  1. Beets lower blood pressure.
  2. Beets boost stamina.  Drinking beet juice before workouts is suggested.
  3. Beets have anti-cancer properties.
  4. Beets are rich in nutrients and fiber.
  5. Beets support detoxification.




FORBIDDEN ZONES (Breaking Rules)

Do excessive pedantic grammatical correctness diatribes make the blogging world a better place?

Spelling errors drive me bonkers.  Maybe it’s just me?  They seem to be more common, everywhere, everyday.

Grammar enforcers rail against poor syntax, cliché ridden, pun-infused, pieces of literary trash.  I suspect, in some cases, the argument is more about control than correctness.

Why don’t we all aspire to be reincarnations of Hemingway, Keats, Proust, or Samuel Clemens?  If it were only that easy.

For most of us that don’t write for financial remuneration–it’s about self-expression.  …Having a few laughs.  We can be better in all endeavors, not just writing–if we choose to do so.

Isn’t there enough pressure in day-to-day living?  Perfection is as perfection does.  Lighten up.  Stop and smell the roses.  There’s a cliché for you.


When sentences are jerks
And, syntax won’t work
Sound bytes, don’t bite
Phrases go through phases

When prose flop
Poems are a mess
Bad ideas–just won’t stop

When you’ve been cut down to size
By readers, that undress
Best efforts, with their eyes

When flummoxed by others
That don’t follow any rules
Stuck by the road–like a big, fat, fool

When crazy thoughts pass, through your thick head
Efforts, all for naught–because, soon you’ll be dead

At Okey-Dokey–It’s all Okey-Dokey!
Clean up that mess; we can help get you
back on track–on your way to success!

If you’ve read to the end
You knew–it was pretend
If there were, such a place
I’d be first in line–to be committed!