It’s Alive, It’s Alive–Or Is It?

It’s early Saturday morning.  Early to bed, early to rise–except I’m feeling more dead than alive.  Two cups of coffee and the mental lethargy has yet to clear.  What’s leftover from yesterday?  …A sketchy word comedy about an unsuccessful sad sack scientist.

Spiced up leftovers can be enjoyable.  My flooded backyard is left from last night’s rainstorm–that’s negative, not so nice.  Spring break is over–also negative.

Puns can be fun.  Fun to an impenetrable mind like mine.  How about April Rules Day–the day after April Fool’s.  For those that grew up in the eighties and later–Mean Teen Ninja Hurdles.  That’s enough puns for a Saturday morning.

“Warmed Over Kisses and Leftover Love,”  I always liked that song.




Rained before dawn

It’s happened before

And, will happen again

Children wrote

Screaming letters

On flaming blackboards

With squeaky chalk

What a crazy dream!

Another busy Saturday

Yogurt samples everywhere

Not that I didn’t like yogurt

Freebies before

School term started

Great day for people watching

Parents, with kids in tow

Amazing–a parking place

Right in front of the store

Hidden between rows

Of five-gallon cans

Of pork and beans

I got what I came for

Dog treats and cheese