Just Another Manic Pun Day

It’s not easy to ignore today’s top news story.  The Academy Awards–and all the hoopla that went with it.  This gave rise to a new tradition–terrible puns, and a day to celebrate them.  Nobody seems to like Mondays, so how about “Manic Pun Days” instead?  You’re welcome to come up with your best, sorry, I meant “wurst” efforts.  Do it for Leap Day–unless you’re chicken.  That would be murder most fowl.

  • Liver patois
  • Sleeveless in Seattle
  • Listen to the Muzak
  • Just the fax, ma’am
  • The diatribe has spoken
  • Lady Chatterly’s Liver
  • What have you done for me philately?
  • Shortest distance between two paints
  • I’m grinning from here to here
  • The Buick stops here


  • Positive and Negative Eons
  • Who Wants to See That?
  • What Do You Want From Do-Re-Mi?
  • Great Expectorations
  • And the Clouds Went Wild
  • In a Daze Work
  • Waist Not What Not
  • What a Crepe
  • Nothing Too Loose
  • Living Under a Consumed Name
  • Last One In Is a Joke
  • Eating With Slapsticks
  • Now That String Is Near
  • Look What Blue Threw
  • Afraid Around the Edges
  • That’s Knot Normal
  • Up Stares, Down stares
  • From the Cheep Seats
  • Name That Tuna


  • Texas Teen Saw Massacre
  • When Things Were Way Too Weird
  • Space Probing Questions
  • Conclusions Drawn at Thirty Paces
  • Not Where You Thought They Were
  • Do You Hear What Eye Hear?
  • If Ever a Whiz There Was
  • Outstanding On Both Ends
  • The Foolhardy Boys and Nancy Who
  • International House of Mistakes
  • Unwise Clever Disguises
  • Squeaky-clean Minds in Glass Houses
  • Blue Collar Grime of the Century
  • If I Were a Cartoon Character
  • That Show Is Too Shallow
  • I Hardly Gnu You
  • Keep Your Ear to the Grindstone
  • Don’t Give Him the Ham
  • Housemaid’s Needs


It’s scary how my mind works.  Sometimes I surprise myself.  Perhaps you were amazed at how clever these topics were–or not?  There’s more to come.  Which ones would you like to see?