“Fifty Shades of Grey,” an avant-garde, artsy-fartsy, S-M film, is about to be released in this country.  The talk of the town–with jokes flying through the air, about bondage, restraint, kinky sex.  It’s rumored, some British hardware stores, are prepared for runs on plastic zip ties, ropes, duct tape, and other items.  To me–it’s just more porn, in a different disguise–with a musical score.

In light of this, I would like to share a quote, from one of my all-time favorite comedy movies–“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.”  From British comedian, Terry Thomas–a description of American culture, from 1963; which according to him, was a matriarchy.

I don’t understand the absolutely, mad (American) preoccupation with bosoms.  If women stopped wearing brassieres–the American economy would collapse overnight.

Sexist?  Perhaps–after all, it was 1963.  However, American fascination with the tawdry–including bosoms; women as sex objects, hasn’t changed.