This Little Corner Of The World

Never slowed down during the day
The bicycle shop–no doubt the source
Of the hundreds of bicycles, motorbikes
That passed by incessantly in all directions
Trucks supplied the nearby plumbing store
Backed in-and-out the entire business day
Fog blanketed sounds of morning trains
Failed to squelch what had been set in motion
Raucous starlings called from roof side perches
Locals unaware/unconcerned they were watched
By data streamed by cameras to the entire world

What You Needed To Know (Stream of Consciousness)

Curtain rose, then fell

Magazine covers

Wrinkled, torn

Inside passages

“I’m Joe’s Liver”

“Why can’t Johnny read?”

Asked, then answered

For those that believed

Cautioned, stern warnings

Kudzu clan was on the loose

Worst earthquakes

Were yet to come

Best to plan ahead

Dream queens, dream screams

Worst mistakes, “they” ever made

Why we dreamed–what dreams meant

Baby bumps, career bump-ups

Deflated balloons departed

Decorated trees in festive mylar

Get well, good luck!

Don’t give up–too soon!

Uncanny caring

Unconscious staring

Big sales, slips and flops

Ubiquitous, unorthodox shops

Favorable phases of the moon

Back to basics, think smaller

How to look taller

Luck, lack of luck?

Hidden gold mines

Could work this time?

You didn’t know

How lucky you were





Rained before dawn

It’s happened before

And, will happen again

Children wrote

Screaming letters

On flaming blackboards

With squeaky chalk

What a crazy dream!

Another busy Saturday

Yogurt samples everywhere

Not that I didn’t like yogurt

Freebies before

School term started

Great day for people watching

Parents, with kids in tow

Amazing–a parking place

Right in front of the store

Hidden between rows

Of five-gallon cans

Of pork and beans

I got what I came for

Dog treats and cheese



Conditions could not have been worse–torrential rains, with thunder and lightning, didn’t let up the entire day.

Interstate highway lane markers were barely visible.  At times, barely creeping along, rooster tails of water from passing trucks engulfed my car.

There were rivulets of water flowing across the parking lot.  What an introduction to the French Quarter and New Orleans, for my visiting friends.  Recently purchased yellow rain ponchos were immediately employed.  After a quick jog across the parking lot splashing through standing water; we reconnoitered inside a nearby mall.

Making day trip plans in advance is a gamble.  It became a day of exploring neighborhoods–people watching, via streetcars and public transportation.  Near the end of the St. Charles line, an inebriated woman, with a bottle of her favorite adult beverage in a paper bag, engaged passers-by in unsolicited, spirited conversations.  A young woman with an umbrella tried to ignore her.

At the same stop was another young lady with a device strapped to her ankle.  My imagination went to work.  She was under house arrest?  Her ankle monitor could was about to go off?  Would the NOPD show up–take her into custody?  My friend, suggested it was probably a physical therapy device.  I was more suspicious–something clandestine had to be going on.

Driving through the French Quarter wasn’t the same as walking through it.  I felt sorry for the homeless people taking shelter in vacant storefronts.  A couple of them were amused by our bright yellow rain ponchos.   We looked like four yellow ducks.  The street performers weren’t out, neither were the colorful mule-drawn carriages.

We met some nice visitors from the New England area.  We joked about parts of the Big Easy being under sea level.  They got off at the Harrah’s casino stop.

Decisions had been influenced by weather conditions the entire day.  The restaurant, near the parking lot, was a pleasant surprise.  The waiter, in my opinion, had a passing resemblance to the actor that portrays the “David Lee” character on “The Good Wife”–minus the cynicism.

Weather conditions weren’t the least bit kind.  The Big Easy, whetted my appetite for another visit; to taste more of what this wonderful city has to offer.  And, the barbecued shrimp entree, (which I’d never tried before), was delightful.


Some like, what others don’t

Some go to exciting places

Others, would as soon, stay home

Some have a lot to say about themselves

Others wish, they’d shut up already

Some want to be noticed, others want to be left alone

Some have a lot of friends, others just a few

Some have everything they want, others can’t buy a break

Some have a lot to lose, others have nothing to gain

Some have many things to do, others are incredibly bored

Some want to remember, others want to forget

Some are impatient–want instant gratification

Others are patient–don’t mind waiting

Some like brown paper packages

Tied up with strings

Others say, why bother?

That’s too much trouble

Who needs fancy things?