Every Year Is Different

Tomorrow is the annual Thanksgiving journey to be with family and friends. The weather has certainly been different.

A late autumn snowstorm came the day before departure. Texts to our daughter gave good news–the highways were cleared.

We are travelling with only one dog. Our Maggie passed away this past August. It makes things easier logistically, but I still miss her antics.

She’d put her paws on the rear seat heat controls. We always claimed she was trying to “roast” her canine brother, Max.

Looking forward to feasting and fellowship. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Posts may be sporadic the next few days.

Somewhere Out There…

Are the jocks, jerks, and jokers

Air heads, gear heads, dead heads

Gomers and Goobers

Hair messers, sharp dressers

Stoners, moaners

Boozers, losers

Class cutters, klutzes, and clowns

The weird, wonderful (sigh)

Awkward, and wayward

Social lepers and leapers

Teacher’s pets, train wrecks

Studious, moody, madcap

Misfits,  braniacs, maniacs

Dweebs, drips, and dorks

You knew, from high school





So, life in general sucks.  People lie to each other–never say what they’re really thinking.  Everybody’s caught up in making money.  You’re tired of being lied to by both political parties.

Sensational headlines without style or substance make you sick every day.  Fearmongering, hatemongering–some, so-called journalists would sell their own souls for a story.

We’re two generations apart, so you won’t listen to my advice.  So, I won’t offer any–except to suggest that you maintain your health.  At your age, I didn’t listen to advice either.  Whatever happens, I wish you well on your journey.

I’m surprised it’s taken you this long to realize the truth–better late than never.  I will close with some observations; there are very few people that really care about you.  I hope that I’m one of them.

You will be much wiser, when the journey’s over.  It’s funny–someone told me that same thing a few decades ago.