The Heat Is On

The air conditioning went out in the main part of the house. How long had it been out? Hard to tell because of mild weather. Yesterday, inside temperature was 81 and climbing.

Summer weather is here this week with temperatures of 85-90 F. Not to be left out, the spare air conditioner in the sunroom went kaput. The main A/C was under warranty. This repair will be on us.

Neither of us tolerate heat well. I have terrible seasonal allergies. This is the time oak trees pollinate.  The A/C will get straightened out in the next few days. Wouldn’t be so bad, if we weren’t sheltered in place.

When Push Came To Shove

There have been more of those small jobs around the house done in the past few weeks, than in the fifteen years I’ve resided here.

No excuses left, there’s plenty of time. And, it sure beats the boredom of sitting around doing nothing.

I’ve touched up paint on the woodwork inside. Touched up paint on the soffit boards outside. Today, I swept sand into the cracks between patio blocks outside. This was badly needed.

The overgrown tree in the corner, by the driveway gate, has been trimmed back. The driveway, sidewalks, and exterior windows have been power washed. Not by me, but by a contractor.

There are still plenty of honey-do’s to do. These never seem to run out.

Going Boldly Forward

Our sofa and love seat in the living room have faded areas from sunlight, and wear.

My do-it-yourself project will be restoring them to their original tobacco brown color. Such projects seem so easy on you tube videos.

I have the highly recommended product. Five star rated–if those ratings were really truthful.

Too late to begin today. Later this week?  I’m following instructions to the letter.  Wish me luck. I’ll report on the results.

Another One-Size-Fits-All Rant

Too bad Chip and Joanna Gaines decided to fold up their tent and discontinue the popular “Fixer Upper” TV show.

I liked their show–even though I know a lot of it was staged drama. Just hammering nails and ripping out old boards would not have been interesting.

What I’m wondering about is the lasting effect after they’re gone? They inspired so many people to install barn door track and ship lap inside their homes.

Not that I have anything thing against either of these things. Everything looks good in its place. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but many imitators get carried away to the point of mockery.

Why cover an expensive full-sized oil painting with sliding cross buck barn doors when the artist intended for it to be seen? Ship lap is fine on an accent wall, but not on every wall, in every room. I still think barn door, sliding  tracks are best for real barn doors–as they were intended. These fads will fade away like the others before, and the ones to come.

Although, I’m somewhat shocked at the renewed popularity of wallpaper.  Wasn’t that trend over after the shockingly garish flocked, and foil wallpapers of the seventies?  However, I am and have always been a fan of pocket doors.