T’was the Season That Was

It takes a while to settle into the same routines after the Holidays. Max the dog is barking at a neighborhood stray cat.

I think sometimes he gets bored with his human companions. Especially, since his canine sister’s passing last summer. He enjoyed the companionship of his canine cousins while visiting.

Since we spend Christmases away from home, there are no ornaments to pack away. No gift wrapping, no cardboard, no live Christmas tree to discard.

What are some responsible ways of repurposing live Christmas trees after the season? Use them as windbreaks on the beach to catch drifting sand. Let the city grind them up to be used as mulch. They make great fish habitat in smaller bodies of water.

As a former active angler, catching crappie in early springtime was one of my favorite pastimes. Crappie love to spawn in and around discarded Christmas trees.

Holiday Wrap Up 2017

The same post-Holiday concerns–extra pounds packed on, the long drive home, bad weather.

An hour-long traffic jam due to a horrendous car wreck. How could that BMW have gotten wedged under bridge supports in that manner? Could anyone have survived?

It was quite a contrast in weather conditions, between yesterday morning and today. Yesterday, with snow and ice–four degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of minus seven. Today, cloudy, with drizzle and forty degrees.

Nothing in the house to eat for breakfast. Off, to a nearby comfort food restaurant. Mountains of dirty laundry await.

All-in-all a good Christmas. Everyone in good health and good spirits. The good outweighed the bad.

Yesterday was filled with explanations, exclamations at bad drivers,  and stories that took way too long. Ploys to keep drivers awake on an 800 mile journey.

The War Within

Idle minds were trouble’s workshop

Nothing good happened after 2 am

Extreme cold kept a lid on crime

Extreme heat caused crime to rise

If only everybody thought the same on every subject?

Wouldn’t living in snow globes be perfect?

Orchestrated micro-worlds, decorated with red ribbons

Swiss chalets and chopping woodmen–human-sized mini castles

Gingerbread cottages, carefully planned

to please the terminally nostalgic

Everything the same, every day for ever and ever

Nothing else seemed to work

Most wouldn’t  notice differences at first

They’d be too busy with Holiday activities

Condensed calcite fell in faux snowstorms

as if by magic–timed for every Holiday season

Until, shaken snow globe earthquakes became more frequent

More earthquakes, more and more snow

“It was efflorescence, not snow!”

“It wasn’t cold enough to snow!”

Skeptics shouted, wizened to their controlled environment

loathed the falseness–Holidays became an insipid joke

Outside celebrations forbidden

Escapes inevitable, although futile

Freedom zones were anything but free







Not only is it Wednesday, Mittwoch in German, or Hump Day, if you prefer–but, it is also Holiday cookie baking day.

My significant other is busy with the traditional oatmeal, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, and some new recipes.  I’ll be available for stirring batter and taste testing.  It’s tough work, but I’m up to the task.

Wish me luck and Happy Cookie Day everybody!  What are your plans for celebrating this day?  You have to work?  Too bad.  That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a giant chocolate chip cookie with coffee for lunch or break.  Perhaps shared with a friend?


During the upcoming Holiday Season I’m compelled to interject a little humor.  Most of what I’ve seen lately on the net–insults sensibilities or is just plain silly.

Don’t Presidential candidates know they shouldn’t leave first impressions lying around like that?  Politicians, they come and they go.

Some are like coal mine canaries–they identify problems, but are their solutions palatable?

Sometimes I think technology is wasted on the young.  Especially, when it’s assumed what’s adored now, will always be there.

I like the invisibility of getting older.  Just don’t take me for granted.

Windows 10, blogging platform changes–I don’t cope with changes as well as I should.  Changes should bring improvements, not complications.

Do I care about what celebrities think about the current slate of Presidential candidates?  No–not one whit.

Can nations buy the friendship of other nations?  Like the skinny kid on the playground giving up his or her lunch money to bullies everyday–they always want more.  There has to be reciprocal give and take.

The United States wants money from property seized during the 1959 Cuban Revolution.  How long will it be before Cuba counters with a tit-for-tat damage request from the trade embargo?

The “Hanging Toilets of Peru”–a headline misread by me yesterday.  In an immature moment it was hilarious.  Because, what if there really were?

“Dear Lord, Protect us from our own idiocy–Amen.”

“You can’t fool me–there ain’t no Sanity Clause.”  Chico and Groucho Marx, a lesson in contract law, from ‘A Night at the Opera’

–image, http://www.filmfanatic.org/






Wind Came Shreiking O’er the Plains

The annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage began early Thursday at three in the morning, and ended at eight in the evening.

A technical glitch prevented access to Wi-Fi for a couple of days.

It is customary for me to give warning when absent for this long and for that I apologize.

Yesterday, the drive to my Little Sister’s place was quite an adventure.  I was in the midst of a blizzard  that roared through the Midwestern plains.  Luckily, the ground was too warm for it to stick.

Today is Pre-Thanksgiving home made soup Sunday.  Could there  be such a thing as “Soupsgiving?”  Beef vegetable and chicken noodle soups are on the menu–hearty fare for a cold, clear day.