The Max Report

Max, the Australian, Cattle Dog, Wonder Dog-there’s a wonderfully redundant title for you–was in rare form this morning.

Sunshine, beautiful sunshine, lower humidity changed Max’s outlook.  Normally, on hot summer mornings, Max walks to the mailbox; sniffs the air; if it’s too hot, he makes a beeline for the house.

This morning Max made it one-quarter mile down the street, before applying the brakes.  Have you ever tried making a sixty pound pooch anchor move?  Take my word for it, it doesn’t work.

Back to the house, we went, both mutts in tow for a second attempt.  Maggie, sans Max, and myself, went on our usual walk; chatted up some friendly neighbors along the way.

Upon our return, Max insisted on going on a second walk to the end of the street.  What a difference a few degrees, and lower humidity made?  Perhaps, Max should do a daily weather report?  It could be called “The Max Report.”

The Max Report, for Wednesday, September 7th, calls for lower humidity, sunny skies, puffy clouds, fair weather.  Get out and enjoy it–Max insists!


It Wasn’t My Fault–Really

The dog ate my homework.

I was abducted by space aliens.

The internet was down.

Saturday, was a very hot day.  The cool down, clean up, and recovery took time–after mowing.

After that, on to running errands with my spouse.  My spouse has had some health concerns of late, so I went with her to the grocery.

The third thing did really happen.  After I had a chance to sit down with my laptop, the internet crashed.  Agonizing over things beyond my control was pointless.