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General malaise of everyday life struggles
Wasn’t as much about winning
As, not wanting to lose

One Thing After Another

An unexpected trip to the doctor for sutures. That was on the day before my wife was scheduled for cataract surgery.

She’s fine, a little sore. It could have been worse. This happened as she was leaving the YMCA after working out. Plenty of people came to her aid.

Thank goodness our family doctor’s office did the suturing instead of the emergency room. We would have waited there for hours, and probably caught the flu from some of the sickies.

The next couple of weeks will be busy with doctor visits and follow-ups.  The first cataract surgery went well today, the next one scheduled in two weeks.

My wife is on light duty–not allowed to drive.  For the next month, I’ll have to pick up the slack around here.

A Friendly Reminder

It’s been a busy day.  Trip to the doctor for my regular monthly B-12 shot.  After, that off to get my tousled, salt-and-pepper mane trimmed.  Then, to the vet’s office to renew the dog’s medicine.  The vet’s office was closed–on vacation till April 2nd.  By that time it was mid-afternoon.

Time for afternoon coffee and cookies.  I’m finished running errands, and it’s raining.  At least, I made it home before the deluge.  A reminder to faithful readers, I will be on jury duty for the next two weeks.  Feel free to drop by in my absence.  I will be here evenings to check things out.

ER Madness

Yesterday, took a surprising twist.  My spouse was having symptoms of a possible heart attack.  She’d been not feeling well since the previous Sunday.

Because of the nature of her complaint,  she was immediately whisked in for analysis.  I was the bystander, while she got poked and prodded.

Five hours later, good news.  No heart problems were found.  That made up for the monotony of monitors that beeped and chirped–and waiting, yes, lots of waiting.

I was amazed at how much was done by computerization.  A far cry from the days of physically taking temps, blood pressure, checking pulses.

When I worked in the ER, things were done in old school ways.  Darkrooms for developing X-Ray film; electro-magnetic paste applied strategically to patient chests for ECG’s.  There’s no way I’d want to go back to that.

A visit to the cardiologist today, and hopefully things will continue to go well.  Wish us luck!


time passing

For those of us that live in the coastal Deep South, there’s a price to be paid.  Hurricanes are what non-residents think about first.

Even more annoying are insect pests: termites, fire ants, mosquitoes, gnats, and palmetto bugs.  Insecticides are a necessary evil. I’m not tough enough to live off the land.  There are even more frightening critters in the surrounding woods.

Every so often I take stock and ask myself.  Why am I still blogging?  There are plenty of other things going on at present. Two of which are a home repair, and a partial bathroom remodel.  I’m retired–busier than I’ve ever been.  Weekends are no longer any more special than the rest of the week.

It’s fun to interact with fellow bloggers.  There’s an astounding amount of talent out there in blog land.  A recent post about malapropisms had me in stitches.  Some things make me scratch my head; I suppose posts reflect characteristics/character flaws of their authors.

I try my best not to get caught up in negativity.  I’m introverted, prone to bouts of moodiness, and can be sullen; it’s better that I stay busy, so as not to dwell on negative issues.

Other things people may not know about me–I’m a lefty, which is supposed to make me think more creatively.  I dabble in music and art; so I suppose it does to a certain extent.

I have a chronic health issue that affects my hearing and equilibrium.  It’s annoying.  I can be on a morning walk, and without warning, lose my balance.  It has something to do with the fluid in the semi-circular canals of my middle ear.  When suspended particles are upset it can cause dizziness.

I’ll not bore you with the name of the syndrome.  There’s not been a severe episode in several years–knock on wood.  I have constant tinnitus.  I’ve never known life any other way.  Excessive salt intake aggravates the condition.  That puts the kibosh on my cravings for salty snacks.

Everybody’s got problems/issues in their lives.  This was never intended to be a, “you think you’ve got it so bad,” post; nor was it a play for sympathy.  I’ve never considered blogging to be competitive.  We are what we are.  Here’s to better blogging and fewer unwelcome surprises.