The Most Wonderful Time Of Year–Not

September is my birth month. It’s also the most active time for tropical weather.

The past few years have been relatively quiet around my little part of the Gulf Coast. Memories of past hurricanes Ivan and Katrina still haunt.

My storm panels wait, at the ready, in case we need to board up and evacuate. I don’t wish ill of anyone, but if nasty storm Irma heads this direction, I’m bugging out.

Pretty Good For a Monday

How am I?  Pretty good for a Monday morning.

Eleven years ago, today, I was wide awake, getting ready for work.  The wind outside made the most awful howl.

Before my first cup of coffee, the power went off.

Hurricane Katrina arrived–earlier than expected.  The wind blew all day.  Trees bent, limbs, sticks, and trash blew across front lawns.  There wasn’t much rain.

My boss called, “Don’t come in to work today.  We won’t be open.”  Who would be foolish enough to be out on a day like this, I thought.

Reports, from New Orleans, and Mississippi were unbelievable.  Katrina split the difference, made landfall on the Mississippi, Louisiana state line.

So, considering what happened eleven years ago–I’m pretty good for a Monday.