The Past Week Summarized

Their visit started with a harrowing drive through unfamiliar territory in driving rainstorms.  Most of the week–with the exception of Thursday morning–weather was perfect.  Discussion topics were myriad and any mean-spirited implications were in jest.

  • The $5000 mutt, changes to last will and testament being considered.
  • Trip to veterinarian by the 18th, before warranty ran out.  Since when did pets come with warranties?
  • New dog couldn’t be left alone–even on bathroom trips.
  • Kennel cough contagious to other dog.  Trip to vet–another $75.00.
  • Sibling rivalries–new dog problems were, alleged to be, all my fault.  Who was most popular in high school?
  • Childhood recollections: Playing in pig slop.  Mother’s cooking.  Favorite teachers? Who was most mischievous?
  • Discussed children, grandchildren–no great-grandchildren at this point.
  • Activities: Walked the new pier.  Visited Ft. Morgan historic site.  Toured scenic Bon Secour, Magnolia Springs.  Spent time at Dauphin Island beach and Sea Lab.  Visited National Naval Aviation Museum and Pensacola’s old town.  Stopped for ice cream–rainstorm struck while waiting under canopy.  Dined at favorite local restaurants. Bought pecans at a pecan farm.  Shopped for antiques and souvenirs.  Exchanged pleasantries and promises to visit each other in near future.




Today there will be farewells, hugs, promises made.

“I’m glad you got to come for a visit.”

“I know you don’t get much time off.”

“There are plenty of things to do next time.”

Yesterdays activities slipped through our fingers.  Spent quality time with granddaughter and her boyfriend.

Rain threatened earlier in the day.  The picture tells the story.


A trail ride went wrong for local businessman, Potter Sherman.  When found wandering through the desert by Clark County authorities–Mr. Sherman responded, “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name.  It’s good to be out of the rain.”

Geneticists announced the discovery, that indeed–everyone in the world was related to Kim Kardashian.

Singapore authorities will no longer cane offenders that pee or smoke in elevators.  Instead, they will serve 100 hours of community service, that will involve furniture refinishing and chair caning.

Omaha, Nebraska is officially changing its name to “21 Omaha, Hut, Hut,” in honor of Quarterback Peyton Manning.

A government study has commenced to determine whether or not, interior lights went out when refrigerator doors were closed.

To commemorate an upcoming total eclipse of the moon, Delavan, Wisconsin radio station, will play “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for twenty-four hours straight.


More foolishness, from an April fool!