Curmudgeon’s Spring Lament

Spring peeper’s cheery chorus

Winter’s knocked to it’s knees

Not before unfinished business

Weeds sprouting from last year’s seeds

Newly hatched mosquitoes, gnats, fleas

Which brings another question to mind

If the frogs are so happy

Can the snakes be far behind?

Who’s Gonna’ Pay For This?

The circus

Left town

Crepe paper promises

Lay tattered and torn

Last corn dog eaten

My way, highway folks

Disappeared down expressways

Disagreement equaled excuses

In their monochromatic minds

Somebody won, somebody lost

Couldn’t lose what you didn’t have

Those with the least

Gave the most





An osprey nest is at the top of a tall palm tree in a nearby neighborhood.  I pass by it every day.

Today, one of the parents was on the nest with the babies.  The other parent swooped in, fish clenched in talons.  They’re wonderfully attentive parents.  Raising offspring, is indeed, shared 50-50 between sexes.

The thought passed over–like a dark cloud.  Would I think this scene as endearing, if the parent had a captured puppy or kitten?

To the family of predatory birds–it was just food.  One life sacrificed for another in the food chain–without emotion.  My heart would break.  Even if the kitten/puppy were mine, there’d be nothing I could do.

What if the nearby mother cat, upon hearing her baby’s cries of terror, attempted the tree?  Her efforts deterred by sharp thumps from osprey talons.