Tempus Fugit

Nothing bad to say on this last day of July. When this is published it will be the first of August.

Offered to take Maggie on a walk today–with her new harness.  Two houses down the street, she would go no further.  I didn’t press the issue.  Except, she didn’t want to go in the direction toward home, either.

Walked through the neighborhood for the first time in a month.  Nothing much had changed.  Two new housing starts around the corner.

Today, is my six-month dental check up. Why did I hate going to doctors and dentists so much? Maybe, because of what they might find?  All turned out well.

The next three days are predicted to be rainy, with thunderstorms.  Such are the vagaries of hot, humid, summers in the coastal Southeast.


Halfway point of the first week of jury duty.  Given the day off–for which I am grateful.  It’s supposed to be a stormy day.  So far, the experience has been somewhat like I figured it would be–especially the hurry-up-and-wait part.

Yesterday, a two-and-a-half hour lunch break, after which, we were sent home.

Such were the vagaries of serving on a jury pool.  Back to normal routines, at least for today. If there’s no danger of being blown away in a raging storm, I’ll go to the gym.  My dogs remembered their morning walk and treat routines.


Another Saturday Gone By

It’s eight in the morning.  Another cloudy day.  How long has it been since we’ve viewed the sun?  Too long.

Back from a brisk walk–feeling good.  At least it didn’t rain.  There have been a lot of songs written about rain–“Singing In the Rain,”  “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall,” “Can’t Stand the Rain.” Enough about weather and rain.

The good news–I survived dreaded Saturday postings.  To paraphrase: I got let down easy, let down slow, so I’m taking it easy, don’t you know.

My significant other and myself went to a popular casual dining chain restaurant the other night because they ran a forty per cent off special.  We’re retired, always looking for bargains.

Got a notification from the credit card company today.  It said “wasn’t the amount of your tip a bit excessive?”  What business was it of theirs?   I enjoyed a good meal at 40% off regular prices and tipped at the regular price.  Nowhere was it advertised, “40% off tip night.”

Thanks omnipotent credit card company for fraud checking.  Leave it at that.

Don’t hate me for being clueless.  I lost interest in pro-basketball years ago.  I’ll spare you the details.  At the car repair shop waiting room this past Thursday, the television was tuned to an all-sports channel.  Reading material, as I expected, ran out rather quickly.

I first assumed the Golden State Warriors had won the national NBA championship.  No, that wasn’t the case; even though I had two hours to figure it out.  Silly me, everybody was buzzing about Kobe Bryant’s record sixty points.

Hope you had a great Saturday!  Since everything seems to be affected by the rise and fall of oil prices, here are some parting thoughts.

  • Double, double, oil and trouble
  • Oily to bed and oily to rise
  • At oil’s fall, all slowed to a crawl
  • The oily boid gets the woim
  • Oil’s well that ends well





Just so I wouldn’t forget about her morning walk–the first reminder came at 3:45 AM.  To solidify the first reminder–there was a second wakeup at 4:15.

Maggie–the bossier of the two dogs, didn’t care a bit that it was raining just before dawn.  The rain let up for a few minutes.  So, the adventure began.  Precisely one-half mile away the rain resumed.

Walking faster to avoid raindrops never seemed to help.  The gazebo on the next street over was a welcome sight.  Good–we’ll wait it out.  Maggie strained a bit against the leash.  Maybe she sensed what was about to happen.

Without warning, the sprinklers came on.  In some sort of devious plot–a sprinkler head soaked me from head to foot.

I skulked away to under a leaky nearby tree canopy.  What was the point?  I was beyond the saturation point.  it was insult added to injury.

I returned home, retrieved my reluctant second dog.  The three of us walked to the canoe launch and back.  The rain let up,  stopped long enough for annoying, biting flies to do what they did best.  On the way back, near the end of our street, I found a lucky penny.  It was going to be a good day.




They were dogs–not just any dogs.  But, rather were, our two furry children, Max and Maggie.  They couldn’t vocalize words, so they expressed their discomposure by whimpering.

Something was up this morning and they sensed it.  Whenever suitcases are carried out to the car–somebody is going somewhere.  In this case, it was my wife–one of their pet parents.

They’ve moped around all day.  I have too, because it’s been a rainy, yucky, day.  We got our morning walk in, when the sun shone briefly this morning.  They need to be outside wrestling, with each other in the backyard; so they won’t keep me awake tonight.  Good–they’re chasing each other through the house.  Now, to play referee.

Oddly enough, my wife is gone for a week, to do dog sitting for our daughter’s three dogs.  It was too far and inconvenient for the rest of us to go along.  So, I’m batching it for a few days.  Not really dog sitting for me–because Max and Maggie will help keep me company.

I found the term “Batching it” rather odd when I was younger.  It seemed archaic, and of my father’s generation.  Another favorite expression of his, was “much obliged.”  The only other place I ever heard “much obliged” was on the Andy Griffith Show.  I guess that’s pretty good company.


If I’m lucky enough to live that long; I’m going to be as full of life, as the folks performing in this fictitious talent show; for the residents of Mayfair Assisted Living Center.  I’ve recently stepped way out of my comfort zone and joined the local YMCA.  My first impressions were–it’s mostly old folks here.  Maybe, It should be renamed the O-M-C-A?  

A few sessions later–I’ve changed my mind.  Sure, there were oldsters, using walkers to go around the jogging track.  But, they were making efforts to do something; make their lives better.  And, by golly, one nice lady, was proud that she was 87.  Her mind was sharp–she could tell young whippersnappers, like me a thing or two.   She’s been there–every time I’ve been there.      




Friday & Saturday: March 29th & 21st

4:30–7:30 in the cafeteria

FEATURING: Our own talented performers

  • Jerome & The Whippersnappers
  • Twirpy & The Dingbats
  • Two Hot Tomatoes
  • Larry & The Pacemakers
  • Melon Collie & The Babes
  • The Duke of Pearls
  • The Old Spice Girls
  • The Liver Spots

    “No, I’m Not Dead” “Who Did You Say You Were?” “Pass Me More Butter” “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” “I’m In the Mood For Love–And You’re Simply Pretending You Can’t Hear Me” “Where You Lead, I Can’t Follow” “Just Pretend I Love You” “Getting Up in the Middle of the Night” “Broken Hips and Ruby Lips” “Say It Again–Louder” “It’s All New To Me” “If I Don’t Remember–Just Remember This” “Everybody’s Shouting At Me” “Angina In Carolina” “Doc–Stop Playing With My Heart” “Aching Pains and Golden Needles” “I’m Doing Fine–I’m Not So Sure About Him”  “Wild Thing, You Make My Ears Ring” “Thankful For What I’ve Got”