Max’s New Bed

“Max’s old bed is so tattered and torn, I’m ashamed for anyone to see it,” Said my wife.

That was how Max got his new bed, yesterday at the gigantic membership club store. It’s tan and dark brown.

“Do you think Max will care, one way or the other?” I asked.

“I don’t know Dear,” She answered.

Max wasn’t impressed in the least.  He slept on the floor last night. Once, he slept near the new bed. He is getting closer, which is progress.  It doesn’t yet have familiar smells, like the old one.

Chasing My Tail

It’s been a busy day. I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail all day. Which is ironic, considering one of the tasks was taking the dog to the groomers.

The groomer is at the veterinary’s office. So Max wasn’t pleased when his car ride ended at the vets. All was well, after he arrived home. A treat worked wonders.

Panic ensued among the staff at the clinic, as a cat patient escaped, and was hiding somewhere on the property. At least Max, didn’t make a run for it. He doesn’t, at present, smell as much like a dog.  As much as I’ve tried to raise him right, Max doesn’t especially like cats, anyway.

T’was the Season That Was

It takes a while to settle into the same routines after the Holidays. Max the dog is barking at a neighborhood stray cat.

I think sometimes he gets bored with his human companions. Especially, since his canine sister’s passing last summer. He enjoyed the companionship of his canine cousins while visiting.

Since we spend Christmases away from home, there are no ornaments to pack away. No gift wrapping, no cardboard, no live Christmas tree to discard.

What are some responsible ways of repurposing live Christmas trees after the season? Use them as windbreaks on the beach to catch drifting sand. Let the city grind them up to be used as mulch. They make great fish habitat in smaller bodies of water.

As a former active angler, catching crappie in early springtime was one of my favorite pastimes. Crappie love to spawn in and around discarded Christmas trees.

Tempus Fugit

Nothing bad to say on this last day of July. When this is published it will be the first of August.

Offered to take Maggie on a walk today–with her new harness.  Two houses down the street, she would go no further.  I didn’t press the issue.  Except, she didn’t want to go in the direction toward home, either.

Walked through the neighborhood for the first time in a month.  Nothing much had changed.  Two new housing starts around the corner.

Today, is my six-month dental check up. Why did I hate going to doctors and dentists so much? Maybe, because of what they might find?  All turned out well.

The next three days are predicted to be rainy, with thunderstorms.  Such are the vagaries of hot, humid, summers in the coastal Southeast.

The Verdict

Maggie has a cancerous mass in front of her heart. It hasn’t metastasized at this point. However, it has invaded the sinus cavities of her heart.  Her prognosis isn’t good beyond a few months.

Of course, drastic treatment measures were offered. Chemotherapy, surgery, biopsies–none of them a certainty. The terrible verdict, we hoped not to hear.

She will be loved, these last moments, months, treasured.  I’m not ready to speak of her in past tense.

Right now, she appears so normal.  Sometime in the near future, the pressure on her heart and lungs will be too much, and her life will end. She is only seven.

Black Cloud

Maggie, my little shadow, follows me everywhere. She makes my business her business–when mowing the lawn, cooking out on the grill, or when going to the backyard.

She’s going in tomorrow for a more complete analysis of her digestive issues. Restricted diet and activities, didn’t seem to have caused any negative effects. I’ve missed taking her for walks in the morning.

I don’t know what the prognosis will be. Hoping for the best. She seems so normal. Another day, will tell the story.  Not knowing has been the black cloud, that I wish would go away.

Thoughts From the Road

Among total Strangers
All of them hurried
Harder to lead, than to follow
Road food, road fools
What was with red cars?
Slowed down, sped up
Hungry, didn’t want to stop
False GPS road closure alarms
My five senses, ultimate skeptics
Back at home base, tired, thankful
My little girl dog became ill
Having trouble swallowing
Examined by our vet today
Maggie stayed there overnight
For further workup tomorrow
Hoping for the best outcome

Saturday, No Muss, No Fuss

Today, I no longer look like a blowfish with squinty eyes. Ready to take on whatever Saturday brings.

I like old dogs.  Noah, is the senior neighbor dog, mostly golden retriever, from across the street.  Noah’s parent works during the day.  Thursday and Friday I had the privilege of letting him out.

I’m like his substitute parent, anyway.  He’s stayed over many times.  Once, I rolled over, put my arm around something furry.  It surprised me–as my dogs didn’t sleep in our bed.

He’s about the same age as my German Shepherd, that I lost in 2011.  They were good friends.  I’ve often wondered how things would have turned out–had he lived?

Best States/Worst States

Sensationalist headlines. “Rinsed, lathered, repeated” periodically. Perhaps for benefit of those with short-term memory problems.

The Trump, Macron friendship tree disappeared. Where had it gone? Evil conspiracy implied.  Trees had roots, not legs. Turned out it was quarantined as required, by humans in the agriculture department.

Best states in which to retire? Worst states in which to retire? Best states to visit on vacation? Worst states to visit on vacation?  Not speaking in geographical terms, I would most like to be in the states of happiness and contentment; least desired states, would be sadness and desperation.

Yesterday was annual physical day for the two wonder mutts.  They ran through the entire gamut of emotions, from the elation of going for a car ride, to disappointment, and fear at the Veterinarian’s office.  All turned out for the best.


Gambling is illegal in the state of mind, I’m in.  –Melanie Safka, from the ‘Nickel Song,’–

Near the Borderline

The borderline is a good thing if you’re hankering for some Taco Bell.

If your cholesterol is borderline–fast food’s not a good choice.  My annual physical is a little over a week away.

The gist of all this–I have to consume only poultry and fish, between now and then.

Starting after tonight’s roast pork loin dinner, with German potato salad, baked beans, and marinated coleslaw.

Time will tell if my dietary efforts pay off.

Another dietary concern involves my dog, Max.  He certainly isn’t starving for food.  Last night and today, I’ve caught him with baby turtles in his mouth.

They weren’t the sea-dwelling type, but rather, some species of land tortoise.  In any case, they deserved a chance to grow into turtle adulthood.