Annoyance Factor, Code Red

Yes, I’m steamed.  Today, telephone solicitations hit a new low.

The day is not yet over, there have been a dozen or more telemarketer calls, that came up on caller ID, as from my home number. And, on top of that, gave my name as the caller.

These unsolicited calls, were ignored of course. I wanted so much to give the caller a piece of my mind. What good would it do to argue with robocalls?

I wish nothing but bad juju on the company, boiler room operation, or what ever sleazy organization, originated these calls.

Torn Mental Notebook Pages

Feather bolsters

Sea monkeys

Dead armadillos

Cuteness overlords

From the social stratosphere

Propped on front yard mental blocks

No swim zones–surrounded by water

With best of everything, and no money

Phenomenons learned from lemons–without limits

Never volunteered, never admitted to anything

Yellow-bellied cowards–stared

From jalousie windows

Got the blues–their compassion

Eaten by moray eels

Didn’t care for salads

Meat, meat, more meat

Potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes

Until they were all starched up

Played mental games

With sock-monkey puppets

Finished against head strong winds



Generic People

I’m convinced there are generic people–substitutions for the real thing, put on earth to resemble other people. Almost as good as the real thing, sometimes the match is exact to the point of one asking, “Don’t I know you from somewhere? Aren’t you Roger Jackson, SJHS, class of ’82?”

“You must be mistaken. I’ve never seen you before in my life,” Replied the irritated stranger. Any conversation beyond that point would have been considered stalking.

In this crazy mix of doppelgängers, the generic person’s destiny was fulfilled. Near-matches destined to embarrass–create moments of awkwardness.

There’s also the possibility both parties were generic and not about to reveal their true purposes.

Of course there are those lucky/unlucky enough to resemble celebrities.  They work for talent agencies as celebrity doubles.

There’s supposed to be a double for everyone, out there somewhere.  Nobody cares if one resembles Joe or Jane Schmo from Anywhere, USA.

How Could This Be?

Even liars told the truth sometimes

How could this be so cut and dried?

Soft in the middle–hard on the outside

Mostly muddled–stirred up trouble

Took best seats on the insane train

Those in the way soon learned

When bridges, villages burned

Life was a circle–so I’ve heard

The magnificent, the malevolent

Not a popular thing to say

Did this make any sense?



tree spider

Image. Craig Roberts–

“Will you walk into my parlour?

Said the spider to the fly.

‘Tis the prettiest little parlour

that ever you did spy;

the way into the parlour

is up a winding stair,

and I’ve many curious things

to show when you are there.

“Oh, no, no,” Said the little fly,

“To ask me is in vain,

For who goes up your winding stair–

Can ne’er com down again.”

–Mary Howitt–