That’s the Way Saturdays Go

Clear day promised, now it would rain

Confused doe didn’t know which way to run

Surrounded by friends without much to say

Unknown critter splashed in swamp

Somewhere beyond the tree line

Pleasure boat fist pounded wave tops

In semi-darkness, way before dawn

That’s it from here–Happy Saturday!




Perusing the News

Did anyone else realize the divisiveness of post-Easter candy?

There are people walking around out there with overdue video rentals–and even worse, overdue library books.

Was it oversight?  Or something sinister?

These are the people voting in the next election–frightening.

Missing Woman Found Living Under Back Porch

Sheriff’s deputies answered a disturbance call in Clarke county, West Texas, only to find a squatter residing under a back porch.

There they discovered a sizeable room with borrowed electricity, crude storage tanks for water.  The walls appeared to be constructed from pallets, scrap lumber, and cardboard.  Packed clay made up the floor, which had been excavated; allowing a person of short stature to stand.

Shirley Fineguard hadn’t been seen for a number of years.  It was assumed she moved away after a local textile plant closed.

“We were completely shocked the way it turned out,”  Said homeowner W. E. Sandiford of Metford–a small town near Amarillo.

“I thought it was critters,” Said Mrs. Sandiford.  “My Lord, why would somebody want to live like that?  You know how hot and dusty it gets around here in the summer.

“There are good folks here–church going people.  We would have helped her.  Well, in a way, I guess we already did; Miss Shirley lived on our property, used our electricity.”

“We’re not going to file charges as long as this young lady gets some psychological help,” Said Mr. Sandiford.  “I’m going to keep the shrubbery trimmed from here on out.”

“If I wasn’t so clumsy, and hadn’t dropped something, they’d never have caught me,” Ms Fineguard said to reporters.  “I wasn’t hurtin’ nobody.  The Sandifords should be thanking me and Mugwump for keeping the rattlesnakes away.  Mugwump’s my gray tomcat.  With all y’all around, he’s probably headed for the tall timber.”


Muddled, Befuddled

Allergy tears stream down my cheeks.  I must be quite a sight.  Thank goodness it’s still dark.  Not many neighbors are out this early morning.

Dogs bark in the distance.  A herd of deer crosses the road in front of me.  One favors its left, front leg.  The usual suspects–my walking companions are not around.  Perhaps it’s leftover, DST time lag?

There’s considerable frost on nearby roofs.  Cool for this time of year.

So many thoughts race through my head.  I’m hesitant to do political posts.  This campaign has been so negative thus far.

Another senseless act of terror in Brussels gives me pause.  My head’s bowed in reverence for victims of this madness.  Will there ever be peace in this world?


Don’t Be Deceived

In case you’ve been led to believe, yesterday was the true pie (Pi) day.  That’s well and good–if that’s what you’re into.

Wednesday is always free pie day at a certain casual dining chain restaurant.  I’m not giving them a plug–only to say it rhymes with “O’ Gnarly’s.”

So, if number crunching satisfies your appetite–have at it.  As for me, I’d like a slice of French silk pie, please.


While some had their uppity noses out of joint

The nightmarish threshold of a dream

Returned night after night

Twenty year olds with written memoirs

Read acceptance speeches–spouted

Insane litanies about limitations

Hoarders without borders

Grouchy, out of sorts

Scarfed movie theatre popcorn

Lamented the same hour

Lost every spring

Never to return

Defenders of the faith

Called it news

Risk, reward–risk, reward

Tsk, tsk–all risk without reward

Stop Calling Them Ugly!

Dr. Sterling P. Phillips, Chair Professor of Agronomics at Nebraska Southern University, theorized that perhaps, plants and veggies had feelings.  Less than perfect vegetables were being sold as “ugly vegetables” at discount prices.

“They may indeed be blemished and misshapen, but is it necessary to refer to vegetables in this manner?  It’s been proven in several studies that plants responded to positive stimuli–soothing music, calming voices.  We would be well advised to treat vegetables better.”

“Then, perhaps plants would respond to positive stimuli by growing more; yielding more fruit; allowing us to feed more of the world’s populations.”

When Dr. Phillips was asked about the effect of blemished vegetable sales on market prices–he responded.  “That’s bound to cause more competition and lower commodity prices in the long run.”

Misshapen vegetables resembling profiles of famous  people showed up on e-bay and other websites.  “Will their value go down if marketed ugly vegetables continue to sell at such a rapid pace?”

“I’m not addressing vagaries of e-bay and other websites.  As far as I’m concerned, resemblance of vegetables to people and/or animals is purely happenstance.  As P. T. Barnum said long ago, ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’ And please stop calling them ‘Ugly Vegetables.’  Use ‘blemished’ or ‘less than perfect’ instead.  Let’s be positive around our plants and our plants will respond positively.”


“Mother and Child,”