From the Ashes

Formerly know as Blue Collar Country, the development consortium couldn’t pull the string.  The property sat idle, while weeds grew for several years.  Which was just as well, because, something bigger and better came along.

From the ashes came OWA, a family recreational complex going up in front of my eyes.  OWA, is a Native American word meaning “big water.”  The big water is a 14 acre lake in the center of the development with bridges leading to main attractions.

Sponsored by the Poarch Creek band of Creek Nation, Phase I of the complex is scheduled to open on or before Memorial Day.  Seven days a week, weather permitting, work goes on.  Some of the rides–which will total 21, can already be seen.–


Murphy’s Law–Logistics Corollary

In the throes of logistics misery is a terrible place to be.  Called in a favor from a friend with a pickup, to deliver lumber for my project.

Not long after my arrival at the big-box, home improvement parking lot, there was a page.  My friend’s pickup broke down on the way.

Everybody has a Plan B–Plan B failed.  The store’s only rental truck was already rented.

A new day–will Plan B continue to fail?  Will logistics haunt me another day?  It is October–the month of Halloween, ghosts and goblins.

Pumpkin Spice Mania

The weekend is upon us–and the first day of October.

During the eighties and nineties our family took October vacations.  To do the usual stuff;  gaze at fall colors; last excursions to the beach; enjoy cooler weather before winter doldrums set in.

Halloween is nearly here, Thanksgiving will be next.  This is the season of  all things flavored with pumpkin spice.  Those who are so inclined should be in ecstasy.  I’m not changing for anybody.  I still like coffee flavored coffee.

What’s worse than pumpkin spice flavored coffee?  Christmas merchandising in September.



Why So Serious?

Things have taken a serious tone as of late.  That’s not a place I like to be.  The sky’s not falling and I’m not a candidate for the Chicken Little award.

What’s happening this Wednesday morning?  The Olympics are in full swing.  Michael Phelps’ scowl made the news.  What did it mean?  The Olympic diving pool water turned a sickly shade of green.  As Kermit always said, “It wasn’t easy being green.”

It’s the start of the new school year.  Local television stations are featuring first day of school pictures–past and present.  Featured picture is from third grade.  It may not be from the first day of school, but it’s the best I can offer.


Throwdown At the Baggage Carousel

In case you haven’t heard.  Carry on luggage, you can ride, is the latest hit on social media outlets.  Not since the Segway, has any self-propelled device, put the same gleam in the eyes of technophiles.  The official name is “Monobag.”

Per the manufacturer/developer, “Monobag” is the world’s firs motorized, smart and connected, carry-on that gets savvy travelers, tech enthusiasts, and urban day trippers to their destination up to three times faster than walking.”

If you ask me, it will be the same old hurry-up to get to the boarding gate, only to wait once again.  By that time most of those hoofing it, will have caught their breath.

Watching motorized luggage races at the airport would be quite a spectacle.  “And they’re off.  Samsonite’s  on the outside. American Tourister’s coming up on the inside.  Now they’re neck and neck.  What a photo finish.  Samsonite’s the winner by a luggage strap.”

But wait, it’s not happened yet.  The fledgling company has a crowd-funding appeal for start-up money.  Early birds, ordering now at $995 a copy are promised January 2017 delivery.  That seems like a lot of money for a single piece of carry on luggage–that starts out weighing nineteen pounds with self-contained motor and battery packs.


I was hungry when I wrote this

Forgive me if it goes astray…

Hungry sounded so much better than angry and I just wanted to mess with your minds.

How this blog has gone on for four years is a mystery to me.

Some have allowed themselves to be controlled by anger.  Because of their subsequent, violent acts, some won’t see the beautiful sunrise this morning.  Eyes of the living will be  blinded by tears of grief.

I will not dignify such events by referring to them as acts of civil disobedience.  There has been no civility.

In these difficult times, it’s been a struggle to maintain a positive outlook.

A modicum of diversion refreshes the mind.  For that reason, a stuck dresser drawer is calling me.  Dremel tool & me to the rescue!